Armored Warfare - RST-V Shadow Review | The Invisible Assassin

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Armored Warfare - RST-V Shadow Review | The Invisible Assassin 4.5

The full review of the newest battalion reward the American RST-V Shadow tier 10 premium AFV!! An absolute terror in the right hands, but why? Watch the video to find out!

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I found your channel recently and was hoping you'd be making another review sometime soon. I really like how comprehensive your reviews are and I found them both entertaining and informative to watch so I hope you continue to do more :)

Author — Aaron Foster


Sir I am an absolute Newbie to AW, will really appreciate to talk to you on Discord about how advancements ingame and better gameplay. Thanks in advance.

Author — Friction Powered


found your channel just now, not dissapointed

Author — Vladi Zarth


The shadow looks to be a very interesting vehicle. By the way, what is that red and white flag you use for one of your banners?

Author — Magnus


T7 Wiesel is still my favourite, coolest tracked mini tank in the game

Author — WillWhiskey


Did the missile just missed entirely in 2:09 even though it was locked?

Author — Kim Austin


I wonder... this game can be more cartoonish and more about fairy tales for children than a tank games?
Please, more SF tanks, SF physics and SF commanders.
Ah, and please add some UFOs, that will bring us more immersion and more realism.
Engage, mtfo-ers!

Author — Mihai Ender


Another balanced move from devs. GG, this game is hopeless.
Can't wait troops to uninstall for ever.
Make this game only PvE, because is so far away of what PvP means in a multiplayer game.

Author — Mihai Ender