Tour Through WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS Koi Farm?

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 months ago

The Dainichi Koi Farm is probably the most famous Koi Farm together with breeders like Sakai and Momotaro. In this video I visit Yamasan Koi farm and I take you trough a tour around the Dainichi Koi Farm where also the 2020 Grand Champion swims.

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Thanks for watching guys! Dainichi Visit from 6:42 ☺️

Author — The Koi Partner


Thanks for taking us around the koi farms ! I absolutely love those sumi heavy traditional showa, simply beautiful ❤

Author — Nick Rider


7:51 All ponds are well-stirred and designed to swim a lot under conditions rich in dissolved oxygen, aren't they? Also, please report that trading has stopped completely for the growing season. Well, there may be some exceptions these days because of high international demand, but... (*´ー`*)

Author — atsumi naoki


Really looking forward to the breeder guider tour at Dainichi. When do you plan to release that video?

Author — EW439


Wat een koihuis bij Dainichi, prachtige showa en Kohaku gezien. ❤️Nice video Yvo San

Author — Rudy Van Meerhaeghe


The most incredible showa breeder! Was great to see how excited you were getting! 👍

Author — aquaticnut86


Woww amazing, Dainichi is indeed a producer of quality koi fish.👍

Author — Dent Rd


Excellent video fantastic koi can't wait for next video keep them coming and look after yourself

Author — Wayne Brown


Fantastic video as always very interesting 👍

Author — Keeping it Koi


Fun to see one of our showa's swimming around at 9:01, great video again!

Author — TheKoiCompany


Dainichi quality and body is unmatched, they are the best!!

Author — Arshad Mohammed


Like your channel and videos, keep it up. 👍

Author — Koi Fish Hobbyist


Hoewel ik geen Koi's heb maar Fancy goldfish, blijft mij dit altijd interesseren. Een oud vriend van mij heeft vroeger ook Koi's geimporteerd uit Japan. Zijn naam is/was Jack Cornelissen uit Ottersum. Misschien zegt u dat iets?

Author — John de Vries


Entertaining and educating video. Nice 👍

Author — Kelvin Anderson


😍 These big Koi sure are for Koi Shows .

Author — Here This


Can someone explain the mechanics behind those siphon systems used to cull the fry? Thank you in advance

Author — Cameron Wilson


Thanks for sharing beautiful koi in japan

Author — brudley arcellana


I love showa n kohaku..
Translite to Indonesia language please
Salam dri Indonesia

Author — MJ Koi


Hey ivo i hope you are well 👋🏼
I'm just catching up on your videos and I'm wondering how i can contact you away from YouTube as ive got something to run past you 👍🏼

Author — Tom Prendiville


8:40 which koi is it?✌️ beautifully blue🇯🇵👌

Author — KKNSystem