This market pullback is a buying opportunity: Canaccord's Tony Dwyer

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This market pullback is a buying opportunity: Canaccord's Tony Dwyer 4

Canaccord Genuity's Tony Dwyer remains bullish because of the amount of money that remains on the sidelines. With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman and Dan Nathan.

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💬 Comments

Did Tony capitulate? It only took 3% retraction for Tony to change his tone?

Author — Keeping it Real


Tony Dwyer said a few weeks ago that we’d be re-testing the March lows.

Author — 42dunbar


Time in the market > timing the market. I’m always invested. I just buy more the more it dips.

Author — Alex


Tony on February 12 th said that the Market (S&P500) is going to reach 3500 So no one shorts the Market and last May he was telling people that the Market will retest March Low’s and screwed so many people who shorted the Market, I don’t trust this Guy such a big Liar, he works on behalf of his Bank cannacord genuinity

Author — drolet afgane


Just ask the retail investors to buy buy buy while they cash out at the top!!! Should really hold these ‘experts’ accountable for their advice

Author — The Mindful Investor


This guy tony dwyer has been wrong so many times lately ...I dont know CNBC keeps bringing him on for his worthless advise .. when market started rebounded this guy was confidently vouching there is going to be re-test .. no re-test but nasdaq went to all time high ... dont listen to this clown

Author — chaitanya deshmukh


I don't even watch CNBC anymore. Zero credibility. Everything you need to know is on Twitter and Youtube.

Author — Uncle Putin


2:15 "You can't fix debt with exponentially more debt, but I guess you can fix it with infinitely more debt, which I guess is the game-plan."
"I'd like a loaf of bread."
"That will be infinity dollars."

Author — Jaron Lindow


Really? I’ve followed so called strategists advise for years and it comes to this point where I’m wondering if they actually know what they’re talking about.

Author — Fat Rat


S&P500 was at 2956 two weeks ago and it wasn't a buying opportunity, but now at 3050 it is??

Author — Matt G


I've added this to my liked videos. This is guy is hilarious

Author — ieatlotsoftoast


Tony is the best. I ALWAYS listen to what he's got to say.

Author — Greiguci Wootchie


Check the archives. Tony Tony Tony Tony you were my # 1 guy after the carter guy. You screwed up unforgivingly when in April when the markets were just starting a 50% retracement You You You said dont buy the uptick its going back to March 23 lows..

Author — mitch B


Tony is totaly untrustworthy. He did say a retest on the lows. It never happened. Now he is saying buying on the dip, close to the top.

Author — Rene Tobe


Rubbish...did you not see only 6% of what Fed promised has been used sofar?

Author — Wjpea J


lmao, market makers sell into retail buying..nice try though

Author — Tan Yi Ge Ken


Government is planning some tariffs on some countries this week. I would wait for next week to buy, maybe dipper dip.

Author — Witek Michno


It's not much of a buying opportunity if stocks are the same level as 2 days ago.

Author — dkgong


SPY treading water. After all that hype and stimulus still at same level as a month ago.

Author — Dominik K


What if a vaccine can't target this type of virus?

Author — Marcus Cato