REACTING TO EUROVISION 2019 - Netherlands, Iceland, Russia, Sweden, Estonia, etc

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REACTING TO EUROVISION 2019 - Netherlands, Iceland, Russia, Sweden, Estonia, etc 4.5

Rating Eurovision 2019. Iceland, Russia, Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia.
Hatari - Hatrið mun sigra, Duncan Laurence - Arcade, Sergey Lazarev - Scream? Who do you like the best?

Anbefalt aldersgrense: ALLE

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REMEMBER. This is just my personal taste! Just me, Victor. And I am not saying these things to be mean or cruel. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and everyone has a different taste in music! And that is amazing😁❤️ Peace Out✌🏼

Author — Victor Sotberg


Denmark: love is forever
Sweden: is it to late for love?
Iceland: HATRD MUN SIGRA (hatred will prevail)

Author — FaZe Jesus


Netherlands hasn’t won in 44 years and its about to be 45

Duncan Laurence: Hold my frikadelbrooje

Author — Dmitri the Grape


Japan: we've a weirdest songs in the world
Iceland: hold my beer!!!

Author — Kristo


Your reaction to the Netherlands made me soooo happy omgg :))

greets from Hollanddd! 🇳🇱

Author — anastasija


I can’t believe you gave angels of god man more than Iceland.. #Triggered

Author — Roly


My top 10

10) Croatia 🇭🇷
9) Serbia 🇷🇸
8) Hungary 🇭🇺
7) Slovenia 🇸🇮
6) CzechRepublic 🇨🇿
5) Estonia 🇪🇪
4) Sweden 🇸🇪
3) Iceland 🇮🇸
2) Russia 🇷🇺
1) Netherlands 🇳🇱

Author — Tommy


Me: *sees Russia in the title*
Also me: *skips everything to see Russia*
Again me: *sees Russia for the umpteenth time*

Author — Gabriela Bakun


Iceland is one of my favourites hahahaha I really like the song and the performance is INSANE! I love ittt

Author — JanskuBansku Owusu


Hi Hatarinators!
His reaction of Iceland is at 23:49
(Sorry for my English, I'm polish)
Polacy czy jesteście?

Author — Julia Zębala


The true winner of this years Eurovision:

Weird Norwegian

Author — Chinchira


love your reaction thanks from the netherlands 😉🇳🇱

Author — justmaud_photos Insta


The Nederland's and Russia in my heart 🖤

Author — Greenfield So


I love how you reacted to the Netherlands.

Greetings from the Netherlands!🇳🇱

Author — Hekate // Sofmethod


'I don't like this… or do I?' Me exactly

Author — BeingNynke


I think Russia is really good!!!
I’m from The Netherlands and I love out song, but Russia is more my style

Author — Lianne Groenendijk


Listen to the Icelandic song two more times and I swear you’ll be hooked! I also recommend watching interviews with Hatari. You cannot NOT love those guys 😍

Author — bamsesaft


thank you for this reaction from *Russia*!!! 🇷🇺

Author — Elina NCTzen


At this year from Russia is very beautiful song, I like it😍

Author — Ульяна Николаенко


Your reaction to the Netherlands.. It made me so freaking proud of my country and so happy!

Author — Sherina