Paul Smith | You Sell What?

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Paul Smith | You Sell What? 5
All 'Live at Hot Water' recordings are filmed in front of a live audience at Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool and will feature all type of comedians ranging from brand new undiscovered talent to established TV comedians. All material performed on the night is copyright to that comedian.

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I'd love to go and see this guy...and sit right at the back 😂

Автор — Key Mac Gamez


this geeza is the best comic in britain at the moment!



sack that stupid laugh at the end of the video ..hyenas are not funny there annoying outstanding bit of comedy none the less improv is the one

Автор — Richard Coats


His humour works so much more if your from Merseyside! Brilliant

Автор — C Hutch109


I feel like I've watched 90% of the videos of him just insulting the audience!

Автор — ZeroMalarki


we need more paul smith bits, way more, this guys too funny

Автор — Kez Kez