[ENGSUB] 'Extraordinary You' BTS (HARU TV) #6

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At first, I only shipped Danoh with Haru but now I just ship her with everyone
Look at the way Namju smiles at her...heart melting

Author — Ami


The first drama that i ship main character with

You just cant resist danoh cuteness.

Author — Diandra


Baek Kyung - full of anger so he's scary
Haru - doesn't say a word so he's no fun
Dan Oh: I don't like both. No men!

😂😂😂 I sort of agree with you, Dan Oh-ya.

Author — Lenj Lavador


His on screen character is full of angst while his behind the scene, he was such a dork. Lol

Author — Atika MN


In real life behind the scene, Baekkyung always jealous with Danoh and Haru, poor him lol 😭😂 Everyone can't hold their laugh with loud and fast words cuteness of Danoh at cake scene 😍😂 Baekkyung, Namju, Dohwa even their classmate, Omo Hyeyoon really loving by everyone 😍 By the way, I ship Namju with Danoh, look at him stare to her so sweet 😍

Author — Yuni. S


hyeyoon is naturally cute and funny and the way youngdae looked at her tho~ everyone is soft for hyeyoon uwu 💞💖😳

Author — Rosaint Laurent.


"You can't avoid the second male lead syndrome" wow how true is that and the fact they discuss this at the set I guess even the pd team has fallen for Baek Kyung's charm though 😂

Author — Aime Jasmine


I love both the series and the behind-the-scenes, the stage and shadow
The pitiful second lead who is forced to watch the main leads sweetness, I love them all

Author — Vera Nishida


i appreciate the existence of your channel every single day since this drama started airing. only channel i've found who subs the behind-the-scenes, and you do it so well <3 hye yoon has such a wonderful relationship with all the cast of-screen, nobody can resist her cuteness!

Author — Blessed Anonymity


Their reactions to her lte speed aegyo talking 😂😍😍😍 it's so relatable. Who would resist her effortlessly cuteness??? 😍😍

Author — Farah Diyana


I am going to let dan oh with everyone. Like how you can not to ship her with all this boys?

Haru dan oh : the sweetest one
Kyung dan oh : the toxic but addictive to see them together
Do hwa dan oh : double trouble love!
Nam ju dan oh : mmm how nam ju saw dan oh at the beginning kinda cute

Author — Amira Rudi


I've read the webtoon version of this drama, but the Dan-oh in live action is really adorable. She gives justice to the character. 🥰🥰👍

Author — Nina Carmela Sipin


Hyeyoon is so cute and everyone literally everyone laugh bcs of her :'D

Author — skyseatea


U see youngdae smile when dan oh do the cute voice.😁😁

Author — Puteri Maisara


am i the only one who thinks that young dae (namjoo) likes hye yoon in real life i mean you can look at the press con video you an see him glancing at her everytime

Author — honey sucker


1:13 omg she's cute ! Everyone's smiling at her cuteness ! !😂😍

Author — Lina


Can someone please, please start a petition for Dan Oh to be the lead actress for True Beauty with Baek Kyung??😆❤

Author — Rian Park


Their friendship/chemistry when they're not filming is just as adorable. You can tell they're close, good friends. I hope we can see more of them even after the drama. Haru and Dan Oh, fighting !

Author — lan fan's lost arm


Start watching Sky Castle because of Hye Yoon.. Huhu love her. Not forget Baek Kyung 😍😍 he's cute my heart can't take it anymore 💕💕💕

Author — todoroki lah


Jae wook and bae kyung are totally different person... Same with ro woon and ha ru but dan oh is as charming as hye yoon, as cute as her, she is dan oh and dan oh is hye yoon..

Author — Shade Ow_03