Apocalyptica feat. Linda - Faraway Vol. 2

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  • ℹ️ Published 14 years ago

Taken from the 'Apocalyptica: the Life Burns Tour DVD'

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Hands down, this is my favorite song of theirs. I could listen to both the instrumental and vocal versions every day. Unparalleled greatness

Author — Matthew McPherson


Apocalyptica is absolutely amazing with or without vocals and that's a fact.

Author — ConnorSwift


Such a perfect song, and for once a music video captures the emotion exactly. 

Author — S Kelty


She has a BEAUTIFUL voice that only makes this song even better. This song is quite the treat. Amazing tune and album.

Author — Edwin Garcia


I love this song so much and Linda's voice is perfect <3

Author — TRamp94


Nie rozstaję się z tym utworem, zawsze na moim mp:)

Author — blueberry917


i love this album!! it's beautiful and sad, just perfect in all the ways, gorgeous song!

Author — shisuka4


This is one of my all time favorite songs. It invokes so many emotions in me. I just love it so much! So beautiful!

Author — Selah Maddocks


Oh man.. Such a wonderful voice she has!!

The band just sounds amazing no matter who the singer is :D

Video... Breathtaking scenery. This band knows how to captivate an audience!

Author — DM.Parr-3


I love this song... makes me get shivers down my spine!!

Author — goldmink


it still gives me the inclination to sob & i've heard it enough times. the pure instrumental version was enough, this is one of those that drags all the shards in one's heart to a center, to a burning point.

Author — JKRavenBlood


2020 y escuchando esta mujer que amo que voz y que sonido simplemente perfecto



I remember when my mom put this song for first time when I was a kid, I fell in love with her voice, beautiful.

Author — Reptar 'Vadumai


This amazing song absolutely deserves a video in HD!

Author — Bruno Giordano


This song is a true masterpiece worthy of being in the same circle of any great classic.

Author — blackkakari


Oh my God, what a beatiful song! Magnificent voice and melody!

Author — Girolamo Lazzizzera


Love this song, vid, the style, her voice and movement... <3

Author — mirac182


You know, I love the instrumental version as much as anyone, but the lyrics to the song are so profoundly simple that I can't help but love it. This song has meant a lot to me on a number of occasions and I'm glad they used their creative liberty as musicians to create a version of this piece of music with lyrics.

Author — Joseph Moher


i think her moves are so natural and i feel like she feels every tone go through her body. i actually really love the way they made this video.... whoever compared her to britney spears is wrong..this girl can sing amazingly, and her beauty is original and doesnt need any vulgar moves or clothes to survive.

Author — jelosos


love it ! one of my favourite songs from then !

Author — Felix Steinberger