Uncovering China's Detention And Torture Of Its Muslim Minority

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Uncovering China's Detention And Torture Of Its Muslim Minority 4
Nowhere to Call Home: Amid mounting reports of human rights abuses against China's Muslim population, 101 East profiles the Uighurs seeking refuge and speaking out in Turkey.

"The first thing they asked me was to take off my clothes… They put me in the cell with the drug addicts and with the killers and they beat me", says Abduweli Ayup, a Uighur who alleges he was tortured and raped while detained in China. Abduweli is one among a growing number of China’s Muslim population who claim to have been abused under the government’s controversial “re-education” programme. Experts estimate one million people are being held in detention centres in China's Xinjiang region; a figure denied by Chinese authorities. They say "vocational training centres" are preventing "religious extremism", educating Uighurs in China's culture, language and laws and providing job training. But more than a dozen Uighurs interviewed by 101 East tell harrowing tales of torture, starvation and sexual abuse. Even outside the country, Uighur Muslims are far from safe. For the many Muslims who have fled to Turkey, the future is uncertain; Uighurs say the Chinese embassy in Turkey is refusing to renew their passports, making it impossible to find work and heightening fears of deportation.

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I wounder how many history and languages we lost because some ruler did not like them.

Author — Mr Nice


Is there al-Jazeera documentary of Yemenis and Palestinians?

Author — Ar Chi


Politically correct white haven't got a clue what's coming to them.

Author — Suraj Dip


Almost everyone on Earth has gone crazy with hatred and rage. In an extreme form against those who are weaker. God is watching all of us. God says He will repay. Hell is a real eternal place of suffering for those who have doled out suffering.

Author — Linda Keaton


it is horrible that we are witnessing this oppression China's rule is Nazist and Fascist combined.

Author — Nur Holac


Saudi Arabia is no better, where’s the outrage, oh wait they fuel my car 🖕🏻

Author — Wayne Mena


When muslims are in minority they want human rights, but once they are in majority no human rights.

Author — stephen a j


In order to be independent, one needs to become strong first.

Author — Lea Na


Look at what China have been doing! is this a kind of nation who wanted to rule the World? what will happen if they do that?
Allied nation and its people must boycott all of their products.

Author — Mariano Platilla


wow reminds me of the horror stories my grampa john use to tell me about . when he was growing up in Ireland the brits would kill you if they heard you speaking irish language . put you into a prison camp . so sad

Author — Peter C


Hearing Abduweli's story breaks my heart. When the interviewer said, "are you saying they raped you?" Abduweli's voice cracking while he replied, "yes." is so visceral.
This is cultural genocide. Cruel and unusual treatment is the norm of the Chinese government.

Author — Kris MD


Chinese do same things to tibetan as well

Author — N D


You would almost think that they are trying to become the new North Korea

Author — OMcG Bonzo


I wonder why Nigeria is having business relation with these beast of a Nation...

Author — Shereefdeen Akofe


When I saw falun gong practitioner news being tortured also. I believe in you all. China party have gone overboard . I really hope all Chinese overboard know how worst their party were. They just imprisoned and torture mediator

Author — Jason Tang


They don't like religion they don't like Christians either.

Author — jim beam


Pakistani must watch this. Their bread giver is doing what ?

Author — Sherzada Khan


This man Needs an Award... What a heart of gold. God Bless

Author — 20xornothing


the whole world is full of hate rage and lies every second innocent soul is killed or abused

Author — Tizirai Gabriel Mhari


حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل ربنا المنتقم ...
" اللهم منزل الكتاب ، سريع الحساب ، اهزم الأحزاب ، اللهم اهزمهم وزلزلهم "

Author — saif elbeshari