Syrian troops head to border as conflict intensifies in Turkey

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Syrian troops head to border as conflict intensifies in Turkey 4.5

Fighting between Turkish backed militia and Kurds have intensified in Syria as families are displaced.

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“Heading to act as human shields.”

Author — Nick Kline


God bless them all, sick world full of greedy evil people.

Author — Michael 87


Does anyone else find it fishy that America is fighting ISIS, the same exact group that US Govt once was allies with? The same ISIS that senator John McCain met with on multiple occasions? The same ISIS that America once armed, trained & funded?

Just like how America & the CIA once trained, armed & funded the Taliban when Russia was invading Afghanistan. America didn’t want Russia invading Afghanistan because they wanted Afghanistan all to themselves smh. And how convenient that all of a sudden that the US now saw the Taliban as the enemy? The war in Afghanistan & Iraq was never about terrorism or WMD’s (there were no WMD’s), the war in the Middle East was all about a war on RESOURCES. Which is why they helped oust the Russians out of Afghanistan... so they could have their resources all to themselves smh.

Kinda makes ya think: Was 911 an inside job to help gain support for invading Afghanistan/Iraq? Hmm...

Author — Fotosynthesis858


Lol, Syrian pple celebrating ans firing tracer rounds, Sky News "The regime returns" how more rertardedly bias can u get ahah

Author — BleedingSnow


Sorry but the Americans are responsible for all of this .. all of it

Author — Dazzo The Great


Spread lies and lies! Who told that Kurdish is allowed to learn their language?

Author — Bashir Hersi


The level of meddling by these people I am shocked every day I live to witness, do they ever envision a day they're in the other shoe?

Author — SPEAK!!! your minf


So basically when US pulled away, they nation became united to fight Turkey.

Author — Lebu Sama ༀ


Conflict intensifies in turkey??? Really??? Woooowww 🤪

Author — Holo Hoax


so another war is coming to the middle east....shocker

Author — SMEGY 89


At least with all these cell phones they have good communication, hopefully the civilians will be able to get out safely and know what's going on.

Author — stay puft marshmallow


That baby is goi g to be a diesel mechanic

Author — Z Bowzer


Sky news STOP pushing your political bias.

Author — Gregory Book


this coverage gives me a mild panick attack

Author — Jan Stuchl


Is this going to start a war with the US somehow

Author — Nickynick07 :P


Sooner or later this was bound to happen! Let them destroy each other!
The rest of the world should just shut up cos these loonies will escalate to Armageddon!

Author — TM Gui


These people were fighting each other centuries before there was ever a country named America. There will just never be peace unless it's the peace of a graveyard. Let the religion of peace extinguish itself on the battlefields of their own homes. It is NOT worth one American life.

Author — Joeh1154


Let Turkey do their job.They are doing this operation for the welfare f
Of common people.

Author — Hasan Mohammad ziaul islam


Rojava still exists in Iraq because the US makes them allow the Kurds to run a de facto government there what are these news stations on about with the whole "rojava is dead" shtick

Author — you are domb


Praying for kurds

-from philippines

Author — KB toolxx