Watch Highlights Of The South Carolina Democratic Debate In 5 Minutes | NBC News

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Watch Highlights Of The South Carolina Democratic Debate In 5 Minutes | NBC News 2
During the 10th Democratic presidential debate, Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders continued to be under attack by the other candidates. Watch highlights including Joe Biden’s feistiest debate performance yet and Elizabeth Warren taking on Bloomberg.

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Watch Highlights Of The South Carolina Democratic Debate In 5 Minutes | NBC News

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This is like watching a riot at an old folks

Author — smith wesson


This video should be titled “Democrats getting Trump re-elected”

Author — Killin It


Bernie is that kid in class who always has his hand raised but the teacher never calls on him because she is afraid of the Answer.

Author — Canada and


“I know a lot of black people...” - Mayor Bloomberg

Author — bjehulk


Bloomberg: “Some of my best friends are black.”😂😂😂 basically what he said

Author — dp


Biden: “...And if they don’t...”

***loses train of thought and BREAKS 4th WALL DEADPOOL STYLE***

“Wait why am i stopping? No one else stops”

LMAO for days over this

Author — phoenixphire74


“Senator Warren what is your evidence?”
“She said so!”


Author — Daniel Lail


Biden: “speaks”

Moderator: “ok that’s enough”

Author — Brett Wall


The best was Amy’s last statement ...”we’re going watch Donald Trump be President for another four years.”

Author — Al Knight


“Guns have killed 150 million people in America”. Lol. Biden is senile.

Author — kmdskins


Miss having yang! Someone who actually talked about solutions

Author — Kevin


I've never seen a republican incumbent president win so many democratic primary debates. :-p

Author — JR Michel


"I bought...I, I, I got them..." We caught Bloomberg in the act of a corrupt Freudian slip of truth for the ages!

Author — Inter Vest Com


“I bought ... I got them” Bloomberg about the Dems they got elected with $100 million🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Ivan Muniz-Brown


This must have been what Rome was like just before the Roman Empire collapsed. A bunch of clown politicians making impossible promises to try to keep the angry mob happy.

Author — John Doe


2:37 Bloomberg slips up and is honest by starting to say, " I bought that- I got that."

Author — Bryce Sattler


"Do you have any evidence of that"

"Uh her own words"

Oh okay

Author — Eury Dragon


Saying "if i were black" is equivalent to shooting yourself on the foot when you have been defending stop and frisk for the last decade, i swear i laughed for at least 20 minutes when he said that xD

Author — Spellock


Bloomberg literally bought the audience

Author — Ian Clasper


Just based off the hate in these comments I’m going to assume trump is gonna be president until 2024

Author — flyingchimp12