Shooting at speed – Motorsport photographer Alejandro Ceresuela

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Shooting at speed – Motorsport photographer Alejandro Ceresuela 5

Motorcycle fanatic Alejandro Ceresuela travels the world, capturing breathtaking images of MotoGP riders through
his work as official photographer. Here he explains how the lightning fast response of his α9 cameras & G Master
lenses help him capture moments he couldn’t with his previous DSLR system.

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The pictures speak for themselves. Amazing

Author — Andressguillen


0:18 and 2:09 are particularly striking, but they are all superb images

Author — Drumming Spain


il make do with my a7iii, My a6000 did a pretty good job for a pretty basic and pretty old body tbh. And as a hobbyist i cant justify the price of the a9 and the mega 400mm F2.8 Gmaster. But if money was no

Author — Chris Spencer


Super super génial Sony 💞 💟 ❣️ 💌 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Author — fck Aiki le kiki


Solo vine aquí a ver quién es este tío y porque tenemos el mismo apellido

Author — oljhg


Impressed. The photographer's thoughts, his skill, his output, the camera, the lenses, the bikes in the rain (Really? They ride like that?) -- the total package. Unbeatable.

Author — Selim Hassan


Motorsports panning - Filters - Circular Polarizer.

Author — mpharr2