Donald Trump's success reveals a frightening weakness in American democracy

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Donald Trump's success reveals a frightening weakness in American democracy 3.5
Ezra Klein on the lesson of the 2016 presidential campaign: "A republic, if you can keep it."

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Watching this in 2019 is like catching a glimpse of an alternate reality where he didnt win

Author — Sonny Lunn


Is this a video form a parallel dimension where Trump lost...?!?

Author — ManicPandaz


Heartbreaking... they thought we had dodged a bullet.

Author — Michael William Dale Francis


Vox on Election Day:
"Then he would've won"
"We dodged a bullet"

12 Hours Later:
Trump Wins

Author — Chase Fenske


Wow. You guys really counted your chickens before they hatched, huh?

Author — Tomato Fettuccini


We dodged a bulle...
*looks down*
Oh look We’ve been impaled!

Author — Gayngar420


Dude, this is horrible to watch it's like it's from an alternative universe. THIS MAN SPOKE TOO SOON

Author — Cambria Weeden


hearing rand Paul say that about Trump and then to hear he endorsed him drives me crazy.

Author — contactkeithstack


The frightening weakness of American democracy is this: Really poor education coupled with a heartless attitude for all individuals other than one’s self. What good is democracy if the people themselves scorn it and hold it cheaply? Putin has found our weakness, and he is busy stuffing the empty heads of unintelligent people with harmful garbage. Much of that virulent tripe can be found here on YouTube.

Author — Mark Lanzarotta


The sad thing about this is that they pretty much would've been right if it weren't for the electoral college

Author — iianthraxsnorter


Try to imagine coming out of a coma since 2016 and experiencing the world of 2019.

Author — springbay1


In fairness, they published videos about both Trump and Clinton on election day, both tonally appropriate for if they won or lost. That's largely what makes this feel like a "bad prediction", when really it seemed they had prepared for either scenario.

Author — Landon Robinson


This country is in danger. Parties be damned! EVERYONE needs to work to save the United States!

Author — Donna Campbell


This is too funny to watch now. I am going to cry into my pillow now.

Author — Carlos Almeida


Ahhh...back when we truly believed most of us possessed common sense, a nose for con men, & sanity.

Author — LunaChick Fringe


The USA required proportional representation a long time ago already. I hope it isn't too late to abolish distorted misrepresentation, but I fear it is. Americans aren't even talking about it. PR is the elephant in the room.

Author — Leif Harmsen


i loved the music for this video. It was unsettling-which fits perfectly with how the election panned out

Author — CrackerJacked


Instead of complaining about VOX being bias. Why don't you present facts that support what you believe?

Author — Foluke O.


"A republic, if you can keep it"😥

Author — Amro Elkhodrai


Incredible to hear this astute character analysis! I weep for us.

Author — flip1980ful