8 Tricks for GHOST RECON WILDLANDS Gameplay Immersion

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8 Tricks for GHOST RECON WILDLANDS Gameplay Immersion 5

Ghost Recon Wildlands has been out for several months, and many players have gotten bored with it. Here's 8 great tricks to get some replay value back out of the world of Wildlands, and immerse and challenge yourself in the single player campaign.

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Darkdally, I actually have been using most of these since day 1.One time while playing with randoms, this guy complained that i don't use the HUD, hey, dont like it....Leave.The only thing I leave is ammo/item count.Now, id lose the ammo count, but sadly its connected with the item slots.Ive tried losing that, & im constantly forgetting which explosive i have picked, which leads to disaster... Besides, a soldier in real life knows, weather he has a frag or flash, in his hand.
As far as the map, if im driving/flying, i assign someone as designated map person, solo, i quickly go back & forth between map & the road, sorta like looking at GPS on a laptop or phone, & police officers do that every day.
I did start a new build.
I roleplay him as having a long line of Airbourne in his family, He himself is an airbourne ranger(WWII mohawk), & utilizes light weapons, no drone.For his DMR, its a short barrel MK17, using either a MP5, or SASG-12, as secondary. I have Larry, Curlly, & Moe do long range sniping, especially since they can shoot like theyre banking pool balls on a table.
As for sidearm, day 1, i used the USG, then LadyKiller.But now i use the P227, for a few reasons. 1, ive never been one that uses the "best" weapon in a game, because to me, thats subjective. Maybe on paper, this weapon, or that weapon is better, but if it doesn't feel comfortable to YOU, & you cant fire it well....Its shit. Just like woman, all, are good to somebody.
2nd, i prefer the frame of the 227, its a lot more slender, & the sights feel good, where as the USG has a more....Hourglass figure(from behind, shooting 1st person).
I like the sights too.Also, the sound it makes with/without the suppressor. And as i said, i like firing it, & pistols arent used for open combat, so damage isnt extremely important, its a backup weapon, & for close quarters.
I use either the P12 or the 227 with my T2 character just fine with it still not upgraded.
I use the P12 with my latest character.
Fast travel, when playing with randoms, you have to, solo i dont, & ive always waited for the 3 stooges except when 1 or more get stuck, & wont get in/on the vehicle.
Ive always changed my outfits, it just makes sense.One thing that would be nice, is if we could keep the paint jobs too.For example: pick your snow loadout, & your weapons automatically change to the snow camo you used when makings the loadout, instead of having to change every time the environments change.
Ive also made it a point since day 1, to not allow myself to change weapons willie-nillie, i have to be at a safe house.One thing i did add though, is if its small enough to carry in a backpack, i can choose to have a 4th weapon.For example: The shorty shotgun, or MP7.They are both small & compact enough to fit in a pack.I do have to choose it before i leave base though.
As far as having extra weapons in a vehicle, that only works if you use a vehicle you picked up at a safehouse, otherwise, if said vehicle is destroyed, your weapon is gone too....Until you go to another safehouse.

Author — Drtbag39


For immersion I like to put a heat lamp over my head so I get all sweaty.

Author — Everything Apocalypse


You know what destroyes the Immersion? The entire base knowing where you are after you made a single sound. I HATE the AI in the game...

Author — Estoy Mejor


Im not gunna lie, not fast traveling is great. This one time, i was driving around with my biddies in a jeep. Everything's nice and calm, and i have to rub my eyes. As soon as i look back, the jeep is up in flames, rolled over on its side and there's unidad literately everywhere suppressing us with lmg's. Shit hits the fan real damn quick in this game.

Author — Eric F


Another one thing that I think should be mentioned – is that "Ghosts" are called so not because they are pro stealthy soldiers (take a look at GRAW:2 – it's not a stealth game), but because nobody lives long enough to tell that they have seen the "Ghosts". So when somebody approaches the former battlefied – all they see is the aftermath of the battle. But who have caused it? Nobody knows. It's like as if there were ghosts.

Author — CaptainOguretz


lmao, i didnt know you could change your loadout at any time, ive only been changing my loadout at ammo crates at bases🤣

Author — Nicholas Carr


If you want:
-Realistic spotting with no drone
-Pistol gameplay
-Having to travel everywhere in a vehicle
-Enemies reacting to EVERYTHING you do (even things like blood splatters can be spotted)
-No run n' gunning
Play Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. I can reccomend.

Author — EdgePlays


Honestly I just want to be able to customize my squad. That's it. I've wanted it since the beginning of the game and was super let down when they said it wasn't going to happen. I never even bothered to beat the story because I can't take it seriously when my team is wearing the same outfit in the snow as in the desert. Plus it's weird being the only one in a ghillie suit and your team is sprinting around in t shirts

Author — David Cisneros


As far as outfits matching the terrain, I like to have one slot with civilian clothing to keep a lower profile in cities and other dense urban environments.

Author — Trenten Bias


The thing I in an OCD sort of way about #1... is your squad NPCs can't have their outfit changed, too.

Took a lot of the immersion out of cool camo or light/heavy climate weather when those 3 idiots were wearing the same suburban shirts Q_Q

Author — Trevor Philips


My Favourite is the no fast travel, because i dont like loading screens and the roadtrips are just beautiful

Author — TF2SUI


"You can go the whole game without using your pistol"
Me: *agrees then thinks back to playing ANY MGS game where it [tranquilizer gun] was the only thing I used*

Author — Vytlo


I'd recommend going even further. Turn the HUD onto "Extreme", turn the difficulty onto Extreme. Learn to read the map, memorise enemy numbers and positions and have a plan of action before every encounter. Turns a stale arcade type shooter into a truly challenging military simulator (especially in solo). I've played like this since I bought the game. I've put 40 hours in and have only taken down 6 buchons. I would've been bored with this game 30 hours ago if I hadn't done this. It literally feels like a different game.

Author — Cullan McCarthy


Might be late to the party, but what I do is:

1. Started my current gameplay out with my whole squad fully decked out in uniform Crpyptek Mandrake outfits and as their mission goes on they alter it by donning polos as their Jackets rip or helmets get lost/shot up, etc.

2. I don’t carry two long primaries at the same time, I know it’s done irl, been that mule myself, but I always found it less fitting to carry a LMG and a sniper rifle at the same time. No matter how spec op tacticool this game has you be.

3. wish I could hide my ammo count without losing knowledge of my equipped explosives.

4. Turn that obnoxious DJ off, swear to god that fella is giving me a headache.

Author — Paul Blueneck


4:23 "L I B E R A T E from the locals" americans *heavy breathing*

Author — Obamaismexican


Its the perfect game to use your imagination... Ive been going nuts on it! Cool vid 👍

Author — Perceptible Perception


Some immersion rules I try and employ are as follows:
- have at least 3 seperate outfits:
-- lo-vis: civilian clothes with no tactical gear
-- reconnaissance: simple and functional clothes with tac gear
-- raid: Crye combat clothes with tac gear of matching color/camo
- only use NV if using Adv Ballistic Helmet
- limit weapons to an AR, sniper rifle, or LMG to primary with SMG, shotgun, or AR (STRICTLY CONFIGURED WITH SHORT BARREL) as a secondary/pdw weapon.

You know what else would make it even more immersive? If the IR strobes on half the backpacks actually functioned and blinked under NV! I was just watching a Real-Time Commandos video and one of them was eyeing his teammate in NV through his scope and I was like, "how could he tell that was his teammate?" Lol XD

Author — ATG3192


Alright so, my character's role is an explosive specialist. Now what I do differently here is when I decide to place a demo block, I holster my weapons, crouch down, and do that rp pretend bomb planting fun, instant immersion... also play on extreme with only ammo counter on and interaction junk. The game gets intense, I have a rule that I am only allowed to rearm, change gear, and unlock skills etc at a rebel Outpost. Very fun, unfortunately I wish the bullet ballistics were much more realistic instead of every ammo type behaving like subsonic ammunition.

Author — Dumb Emo Neko Girl


Here are some good tricks for immersion:
Cowboy hats
Predator helmets especially the ones with dreads
Arcade mode
Tactical used by real military predator wrist blades
Exclusively play the predator mission over and over
Predator fan t-shirt
Ah screw it credibility is failure in this game right? People would surely think that you aren't a special op with all of these rediculous cosmetics.

Author — Pointtakenbrah


I prefer the 1911 iconic firearm. Didn't realize the 5.7 had the most damage. Used it bc it holds 20 rounds.

Author — Jon Williams