'Ancient Frequency Music' 🔯 Entirely Wipes The Negative Energy 🔯 Healing Music 417Hz

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"Ancient Frequency Music" 🔯 Entirely Wipes The Negative Energy 🔯 Healing Music 417Hz: Detox Mind Body Music wipes out all negative energy; This piano music is great to bring forth calm and relaxed feelings, it protects you from negativity, bad feelings and the negative thoughts and helps you stop over-thinking. This 432hz music is in a frequency that subconsciously makes you feel at ease, more calm, relaxed and protected, and it helps clean the negative energy out of your life and creates good vibes. This piano music wipes out all negative energy and it helps the universe surround you with positive energy, light and happiness. When you are feeling bad and you don't know why, you feel more sad, tired, and anxious than usual it might be because the negative energies are bringing you down and putting you in a funk, so listen to this song to clean yourself and bring forth positive, happy, healing energy into your life so you can feel better, happier and allow the universe to bring you good things.

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Wow Sounds so Peaceful ❤️ & Love The Background 😍💯

Author — Felicia Amos


Thanks, nice day to relax the mind n heart. Sounds good n light, love the combination of sounds n music! It's enchanting n given the positive energy! Perfect for stress relief, relaxation sleep n deep meditation. Infinite love!🙏😴

Author — Bronson lkm


Beautiful relaxing music thank you love for sharing it 🙏♥️♥️♥️

Author — Farideh Behain


I meditated this for gratitude for all those on youtube who helped me be a better version of myself.My deepest gratitude to all of you.Last year around this time I was confused disorganized my mind was distorted my short term memory was messed up .When i was riding the subway i normally go to the the wrong direction.I was always anxious going to work. I was always feeling dizzy at home.I cant even pay my bills.At work i was feeling dizzy i cant even function.I was walking like a zombie .When i was doing the 30 minutes check of my clients my clients were angry at me because i kept on asking their names repeatedly.When i was writing my notes in the computer i cant figure out what to write.My co workers especially Chantale and Helen will tell me.Dont worry just relax and sit down.We will do the notes for you.Whatever your assignment for a day we will do and finished them for you.Last year August for some strange thing Harlem week.An old man with grey hair came to the lobby of my work.For some strange thing i got scared and went to the street.When i looked back the man disappeared.When i ran to the street i felt an electric like force engulping my body and heard a buzzing sound.I got more scared and ran to Popeye and hide until my coworker Patricia came in.That incident in August i cant explain until now.On Aug 14 I received a strange call when i pick up the phone the guy on the line said Wrong number.That day i was so anxious so i went to church and pray.When I came out of the church i went to Chase bank and kept on playing I HAVE NOTHING from TC with his picture on the red background.I got so scared i deleted all my comments on Youtube under his channel. Then on August 15 I was sick my asthma flared up kept on coughing.Has to go for second prescription of Prednisone to relieve me.My addiction to Yourube started about soulmate because for some reason i was infatuated with TC.On August 15 I was on Youtube watching Ralph channel about soulmate After watching him.I clicked on TC i have nothing version on Youtube and for some reason a force was trying to connect me with his picture.That force was so strong but i rejected it because i dont know what was it.I must have used all my force to reject it I PASSED OUT.The next morning my kids said that our internet connection died .I said I dont know what happened because I passed out.When the power came back i vividly remember when i look at my phone T C FACEBOOK.I said that was strange.That was the start of my obsession for this man.When i remembered what i did of deleting my comments i get so upset i started crying for no reason.Then on Sept 1 i was very upset started crying again.I said the man did not do anything bad to me why i deleted all my comments.I Then on Sept 1 2018 i was crying again very upset that i wanted to jump infront of the train but I know for some reason somebody was watching me That was God.I said to myself.I love God and if i die of suicide i will go to Hell.Thats when i decide to come back to God again after 40 years of absence.But TC was on my path that day.Without me crying over him I would not have come back to GOD yet.On Sept 12, 2018 I started subscribing To the ORIGINAL PRAY UNCEASINGLY CHANNEL and This prayer was created that day HEAL ME NOW prayer.I was the one who started praying that prayer.The first prayer that i prayed on Youtibe.Always believe on the power of prayers since i was younger.My obsession did not stop because I like music on youtube too.Everytime i listened to music it always reminded me of him.I called it my song association phase.My first song that i listened was the song with my real name on it by MALIK.I will play any music like the words from that music are coming from TC.I think i was overly infatuated or i dont know that feeling maybe Love orvwhat.But i said this is wrong I am way too old for him.I am even older than his mother.I tried to let him go but i cant .Always thinking about this person eversince since last year .When i think and miss him i must have cried bucket of tears.When i started having symptoms of Dementia.I have no shame.I went to his channel and asked for his help.The next day i saw list of recommended long meditation music probably more than 3 hours The first long meditation that i did was from Zenworld meditation very beautiful and powerful meditation pieces. Today through the power of prayers, faith in God and the power of meditation i still think of this person but i dont cry that bad anymore like i used to .My question is what is really my connection to this person.We are not together.We are not even talking.But he is always on my mind.This is so true the first soul of a dead man that i saw was his friend.I saw his soul inside my church.I prayed for him and he is now testing in peace.Today my mind is clear not confused not distorted still i am thinking about this person.I only know his name and birthday and i always say I LOVE HIM ALWAYS.

Author — Sallie Mae