Don´t do this in UKRAINE !

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Don´t do this in UKRAINE ! 4.5

When traveling to Ukraine those are some things not to do and to keep in mind ;)

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I am an Indonesian (Southeast Asian) who visited Ukraine for three weeks last August. I didn't experience any racist treatment from Ukrainians whether in urban Kyiv&Lviv or rural Zakarpattia Oblast'. In my feeling, it turns out that they found my existence (especially when I was in Zakarpattia) an interesting case. Even I often got locals greet me with 'Hi' or 'Good Morning/Evening' and sometimes we made small conversation due to their curiosity and of course their hospitality. The only racist attack I got was by two drunk Serbian tourists in Lviv.

I would love to go back to Ukraine :)

Author — Arihuta Efomoji


Ukrainian here. Totally correct, russian-speaking person NOT the same as russian, especially in Odessa, where most people speaking russian but mostly are actually Ukrainians or Jews, etc.

Author — Vl Sh


Been all over Ukraine. Born and raised in California as Italian, German, English descent, visiting Odessa, Kiev, Chernigov, Cherkassy, Nikolaev, Xerson, all were so beautiful and the people are so kind and hospitable. Ukraine and the Ukrainians are amazing! i greatly recommend vacationing there!!!

Author — AARM-USRA


Ukraine people are way nicer than most Russians, so just remember that.

Author — Hugh Goldspiel


I am from Ukraine and right now l’m reading all this good comments about our country and l am SO happy and proud! I hope that soon Ukraine would become more modern, beautiful and interesting place for everyone! This video was the best video about Ukraine l’ve ever saw. Thank you for showing everyone the beauty of Odessa))) I hope that in the future more and more tourists would come to see it!

Author — Nastia Wave


Хто із України! Лайкаєм!!! - Who is from Ukraine! Like!!!

Author — Dr. Who Universe


It's not a "conflict", it's a war. So you can add this to your "don't do" list... Don't call a real, hot war a "conflict".

Author — Sergey Bebenin


Thing you shouldn't do in Ukraine:
"Crimea is Russian".

Author — Alto Petrenkov


I can clearly understand how infuriating it can be to be called 'russian'. Here in Poland we sometimes are called, "from Poland? So you are just like Russians and you speak Russian right?" No that's totally wrong... I can see that we are not the only ones...
Greetings from Poland!

Author — MS3300


Don´t do this in UKRAINE ?!
1- Don't' call them Russians.

Author — Sam Frank


Hey we know English, also we have Ukrainian language

Author — Artem Sorochyns'kyi


We almost have no rasism in Ukraine, i live in Zaporizhya and we have a lot of indian\african students here, i know some of them, and i didn't heard about somebody make a bad day to tham (sorry for my low-lvl english)

Author — Алексей Прибыльский


That's a bit weird that you advise to not refer to Ukrainians as Russians, but a minute later your friend recommends learning russian to be able to communicate there? Sure you could learn a couple of Ukrainian words instead to just be polite to the Ukrainians. Cheers

Author — Channel 231


Try to use ukrainian in Ukraine, You will have frendly relation its like friend or stranger

Author — Urban UA


I from Odessa, and its true about russian language.Really, most of the people dont speaking ukrainian, but everyone understand it.

Author — Станислав Райков


Совет — для тех из вас, кто действительно хочет научиться практике общения на английском языке эти Видео являются прекрасным УРОКОМ разговорного языка;
...это даже лучше, чем ваш местный учитель!
Слушайте фразы по несколько раз и заучивайте произношение; а также, смотрите и слушайте побольше подобных видео-сюжетов.
Doctor Zilman (Pennsylvania, USA)
PS. Для лучшего восприятия быстрой англ. речи — пользуйтесь субтитрами!

Author — Sam Zilman


Wow, it's really interesting to watch this video, when you are Ukrainian. I would recommend to visit western regions. I'm from Kyiv, but this summer I was traveling to Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivzi ang ooomg. I fell in love with those beautiful cities. People there are really polite and old centers of cities are just really beautiful) And by the way, roads there are OK (can't say that about central UA)

Author — Anastasiya Shapran


Dany is right! Most Ukrainians are friendly and open minded. I had a very positive experience while traveling through Eastern Europe, 3 months total ( Ukraine, Moldova & Romania). Even though I stood out, most Ukrainians treated me very well. I remember being on a train and a family helped me with my bags, as well as share their food with me. I look forward to visiting Odessa one day. Keep these great videos coming!

Author — Nomad Wolf


Omg it's my native city, I was so surprised to see that at the beginning, for most foreigners Ukraine is only Kyiv 😅 Great video, thank you 👍

Author — Мария Гончарук


There are lots of english speaking people in Ukraine)

Author — valerieben