Steve's Theme - Aaron Zigman - The Last Song OST

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Steve's Theme - Aaron Zigman from The Last Song official soundtrack (:

Go watch the movie 'The Last Song'. It features Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Bobby Coleman, Kelly Preston, Gregg Kinnear & Carly Chaikin.

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I want to go back to piano class to learn how to play this Totally regret quitting when I was younger!! So mad at myself!

Author — Aimee Lu


this movie was simply amazing ... i was impressed by cyrus's acting, and it pisses me off when people say she's a bad actress

Author — Mikey


This melody is smell of my childhood 💚✨ good memories, time flies, we grow and we change but this still makes me feel calm 💚

Author — ChristopherSty 5


I miss my father. He used to play the grand piano in our family room and I loved ever note.

Author — Cora Jane


I listen to this whenever im sad and it calms me down <3 so soothing

Author — Miley Adrobe


just heartbreaking.
I've just watched the film and Im still covered in my tears ( and I don't remember last time I've been crying watching a film ) and I am listening to that song like 15th time or so.
just heartbreaking.

Author — ilovemybrotherpiotr


Llevo más de cinco años escuchando la música de esta película y no me canso de escucharla ! Me encanta!

Author — Victor Pereira Rojas


R.I.P my grandtmother i miss you so much i wanna hold you till the end

Author — kim donders


I remember I cried when I was enemies with one of my friends and I listened to this song, but that was long time ago.. ! :i <3

Author — Mariella Mounzer


Watched the last song for the billionth time tonight.... I just thought I look it up.... I love any time they play the piano in the movie... Lol they do all the time.... I'm 13 and I love this!!!!

Author — Hannah T.


My first love had a strong connection to this song. It was the reason i began to love it. I listened to it a lot after our break up. I will learn how to play this song on the piano.

Author — Mark G


5 people were in tears after listenning to the beautiful song that they accidently clicked dislike.

Author — Clark Clark


Just listening to this makes me cry:(
I can't wait to learn this piece on piano;D

Author — Yours Truly


In the movie towards the beginning when Steve is writing this piece, there is a beautiful run down the piano and I'd like to know what happened to that part of the song... It sounded way better with that run. But beautiful song never the less! Love it!

Author — Sarah Heise


So emotional absolutely wonderful thank you for sharing .

Author — Eleanor Wilson


i learned how to play this song on the piano and i played it for one of my piano festiess! (= amazing.

Author — Megan Foxxy


This song is AMAZING. I was so inspired that I had to learn it<3

Author — kyliegm


this is so beautiful that it makes me want to cry!

Author — TwilightWarriorcats


I need the piano sheet of this beautiful song!!

Author — Salma M


I've played this probably 50 times today. 51 here we go !;D

Author — joesbear07