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#EveryBitCountsChallenge #PreserveTheHarvest

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I pledge to preserve my sanity every day in August. Does that count? 😆

Author — potridge


Smaller batches have "saved" me... at 73 standing all day canning is out of the question now. I even freeze all the tomatoes and just deal with them after the summer garden is over; sometimes I don't get to them till winter. ~ Kir

Author — Ron Strobel


Since I cannot grow the amount of food I need to supply my family with food for the year, I've gotten to know the local farmers in my area, they're willing to give me deals, most will also just give me the "ugly" produce that they don't put on their farmstand.
This is a win-win situation for everyone involved, I get local, fresh produce, support local farmers and they get the money to help them and their families.

Author — MNTNSTARZ80


Your post is the only one my husband has watched. Now we’re going to look into building a chicken coop/run using cattle panels. Thank you for showing how easy it can be for a husband and wife to work together without losing patience 💜💜

Author — Carole Mullen


Wish I could participate, however we are moving to our forever home-stead!

Author — Ms. Roy Ahrens


Sarah, my wife loved watching you, when she canned the green beans she takes time & followed your instructions. She is so happy the green beans turned out pretty good & no siphoning. Wow!!! We are impress!!!We subscribe & looking forward to watch you @ youtube. Thanks a lot!

Author — Edwin Cerniga


Since moving to our new home in January, I can honestly say canning and preserving in one form or another is a daily occurrence. Our old suburban home in Central FL zone 9b was on 1/16th of an acre and had large camphor trees shading out the front and back yards. This new home is in the North Florida panhandle, Zone 8b, and sits on a little over 3/4 of an acre. Our summer growing season is winding down, but I'm daily making pickled okra, canning okra, dehydrating peppers, harvesting and preserving sweet corn, and now that all the tomatoes have been harvested, making and canning tomato sauce - LOL, I still have about 15 gallon bags full of tomatoes in the freezer. Keeps the old retired lady busy and out of

Author — Carol Avant


Watched this as I was stirring and waiting for my Zucchini Citrus Marmalade to reach gel stage. I don't grow enough to can every day. But, Saturday and Sunday afternoons usually find me canning something as it is harvested. We have 6 waist high growing beds and a few big containers growing tomatoes and eggplant. This weekend I’m canning green beans, cherry jam, and zucchini marmalade.

Author — Deb Wolf


Been canning every Sunday haha it’s the only day we can… can 😂😂

Author — Jen and Steve's Homestead Shenanigans


Love this! Today we're preserving Missouri peaches!



Haha...I would love to do this, but I live in the Rocky Mountains and my veggies are no where near ready for preserving. However, I'm excited to follow your preserving journey!

Author — Kathy S


Way beyond my level. I’m going to try and eat something fresh out of the garden every day. Maybe next year.

Author — New Tunes For Old Logos


Wish there were more stuff succeeding in my garden…it has been so hot that things are green but not producing well. I can dehydrate some herbs. That is where I will start.

Author — Charmaine Martinez


There's no problem canning every day in late July and August LOL. My canners (3 of them) and dehydrators (2 of them 7 trays each) are always full and busy.

Author — J. L. Murphey


Ok...sister...I'm going to try to learn my dehydrator that I just bought and dive into more canning....I'm a beginner basically. So, I am going to use the challenge to learn more. Maybe not everyday but at least a couple times a week.! Thanks!!

Author — Homestead Jen - MA


Once I have my house I will definitely do this. I've been preserving on weekends right now in our tiny rv. it's been a huge challenge!

Author — Kelly Mueller


I love that we can see you everyday on Instagram ! Excited to see this August challenge!

Author — angie O.


Brilliant idea!I assume that with no rules, saving seeds can be included - harvest, store, inventory. Really fun challenge.

Author — mary w


I follow and love both of you on both platforms!! Looking forward to seeing everything this month ❤️

Author — Joanna K


I’m in my 3rd serious year gardening and learning to preserve. I can’t wait to see what you do!

Author — Diana Holton