[1080P Full風] Knife ナイフ - Hatsune Miku Kagamine Rin Len 初音ミク 鏡音リン レン Project DIVA English Romaji

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[1080P Full風] Knife ナイフ - Hatsune Miku Kagamine Rin Len 初音ミク 鏡音リン レン Project DIVA English Romaji 5

Thank you for watching! (´・ω・) イツモ アリガトウゴザイマス!

( れるりり rerulili PS4 PDA FT Project DIVA future tone Kagamine Rin Kagamine Len Rin Len 鏡音リン 鏡音レン VOCALOID ボーカロイド ボカロ English lyrics Romaji subtitles PV鑑賞モード 60fps Kagamine Len ProjectDIVAArcade外部出力 Dance googoo888 初音 ミク )

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Thank you for watching! (´・ω・) イツモ アリガトウゴザイマス!

Author — googoo888


"Lemme see what you have!"
" A _KNIFE!_ "
" *_nO!_* "

Author — Jaskiran


Alternatively titled: Rin's girlfriend dies and then she stabs her brother with her dead girlfriend's sword.

Author — depressed lesbian who never sleeps


Gonna roughly explain the story:
Rin and Len are either siblings or childhood friends. One day Len gets possessed by an evil katana and leaves Rin. Miku finds Rin who is searching for Len and joins her to protect her. The two fall in love. When they find Len, he attacks them, Miku fights him to protect Rin and gets killed in the process. Rin is heartbroken and takes Miku's blade and her own to slay Len and free him from the curse of the katana, resulting in her losing both her brother/friend and her lover.

Author — ShainCake


*everyone* LENS HAIR

Author — Baby Quinn


Its weird how we all just watched the animated personification of three voice robots fight to the death in an epic katana dance battle.

I'm sorry this is really messing me up right now.

Author — higwinslowe


Here are some parts in this video that I thought
Len looks like Rin
Len looks like Miku
Len looks like Len
Len reminds me of Gakupo(?)

Author — PileMaki彡


Everyone saying Len looks like a girl and here I am thinking this is the most masculine and mature looking I've ever seen him.

Author — sailfish


I don't understand the story of the song
but my heart is telling me Rin X Miku

Author — AbbyPenguin333


From the creator of len dying, we present *EVERYONE DYING*

Author — Cheese is gud


Everyone commented on Len's hairstyle, while I was thinking "is Miku gay?"😐 Rin x Miku forever 😆😆

Author — 밤.은하.해 *Astrophile*


*Rin:* What's that?

*Len:* A KNIFE!


Author — Lily Blossom the Sonic Fangirl


If you're a true fan of the modules, you see that he used the Knife hairstyle and eye color on Rin, but used the "Heat Haze" clothing.

Author — purplesail418


The song starts years prior to the song's events, when Rin and Len meet. Even though Len is a murderer, he falls in love with the innocent Rin. Knowing that the relationship won't last, he erases her memory and leaves Rin so she can move on with her life. Unfortunately, Len left one clue relating to Rin's lost memories; An image of the two together in a field. Having this, Rin sets out to find the famed criminal Len. On her journey, Rin meets Miku, a wandering samurai, and they become lovers. Trusting Miku, Rin tells her of her memory loss and the clue involving Len. Miku decides to follow and protect Rin on her quest to find Len; also planning to kill the criminal. After traveling for a long time, the girls finally track Len down. Unfortunately, Len ends up killing Miku. Enraged, Rin kills Len. Still without her memories, Rin leaves never knowing that the three of them used to be friends.

Author — zoey may


It's nice that Rin gets a bit more attention here. That's nice. I like it this way.


Author — MistyMoon


*after 3 replays of this*

Me: *stuck in my head while class* *sings this after class*

Author — Creator Siblings


0:37 "It loves to kill humans" XDDDD

Author — Anna Dalton-kay


Dad : hey, what song are you listening?
Me : hatsune miku
Dad : is it japanese?
Me : yes
Dad : let me try listen it
*after listening the song
Dad : ok heres money for u

Author — Alvito Denito72


There are a lot of my comments in this "knife" video

1. Len with long hair is rly rly cool!

2. *When I am watching* Oh it likes telling me the main story. And it's not a love-fight story. That's mysterious

3. The video is so realistic

4. "LEN DIED AGAIN" jumped out of my brain

5. *when I watch till the end* The story is rly meaningful !

...blah blah blah...

Author — Blackwitch Jess


Me when Miku died: MEH this is the first time that Len isn't dying !
Me seeing Len dying: ...

Author — TikTok Cosplay