Foreigner - The Flame Still Burns (Official Music Video)

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You're watching the official music video for Foreigner - "The Flame Still Burns" released in 2011 as a Record Store Day exclusive 7" to celebrate Foreigner's 40th anniversary

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💬 Comments

Jimmy Nails/Strange Fruit version is just ❤❤❤❤

Author — Jen O'Neill


Why change the lyrics?
The Still Crazy version is perfect!!

Author — Gallina de Yeso


Lou Gramm is a great singer, but give credit to Kelly Hansen, he's top-notch as well

Author — Dedamme


This isn't bad, but not a patch on the original.
The Strange Fruit version despite not being a bunch of actors just has more "power" for want of a better word.
I do like this though.

Author — CapHowdy


"The Flame Still Burns": it says very right!

Author — Berger fon Koenig


Not bad, Have you heard Strange Fruit's recording from 98?

Author — James Harris


Love Kelly Hansen !! Great voice but even better stage presence ❤❤

Author — Julie Korogianos


Great cover of the song from the film "Still Crazy" sung by Jimmy

Author — ATOMIKDOG23


Estou muito emocionada, q grupo maravilhoso, música linda. Interpretação perfeita. Amo o Forngene. Q Deus os abençoe hoje e sempre.

Author — Marlene Lima


Beautiful song!, I loved Kelly's performance!, He is awesome!, Love him!

Author — Perla Carolina Sandoval Suazo


Music is Melody an' Rhythm. Rhythm is Life. Life is Love. Love is Melody an' Flame. Thank you Gentlemen!👏🏻
One Life. One Love. One Flame!🤘🏻✌️🏻

Author — Tony Mate Generation 60s


A great song, a great band. I agree with those people who miss Lou Gramm’s times, but I think Kelly Hansen does a good job too.

Author — Josu Puertas


Kelly is a great choice to fill in for lou Graham

Author — leo leterte


Really good stuff from my long time fav band - Kelly is a fine singer too...

Author — magomusa


Love this Kelly Has such a great voice and spirit

Author — becca campbell


Jimmy nail version has more of an emotional punch!! 😢

Author — Doug Reed


grew up listening to Foreigner, Boston, Styx, Journey...and others...this is classic Foreigner and a GREAT song  .   You dont hear songs like this on the radio today!  AWESOME!!!

Author — Ronnie Ehlinger


A fitting tribute. We all look back and remember the good times we had. Perhaps this is Mick reaching out to old friends. Foreigner gave us all great memories and now we're all a little older and wiser :-)

Author — Simon Owen


So sad listening to this to be honest…..

Author — Owen McCafferty


really great version of a really great song, Foreigner still kicks it, and The Lou Gramm band is awesome as well....still going...

Author — ROCK UNCLE Production