15 Things You Didn't Know About Alaska

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Alaska 4.5
15 Things You Didn't Know About Alaska | Travel Tuesday

Where is Alaska?
How cold is Alaska?
When to visit Alaska?
How expensive is Alaska?
How are the best spots to visit in Alaska?
What is the most expensive resort in Alaska?
Can you hunt in Alaska?
How to get to Alaska?

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Hey Aluxers, have you ever been to Alaska?
Make sure to join www.alux.com

Author — Alux.com


That is some weird and distracting music in the background

Author — smurfcrusher


Did u know that Alaska is bigger than California, Texas, and Montana combined

Author — Daniel Radilovski


Why the background music is so annoying; Due to this I was forced to mute and watch the video :

Author — Sangavi a


Half of this presentation is just not true. You make it sound like Alaska is just a vast frozen wasteland. Statements like "covered with ice"! The only places "covered with ice" are the glaciers, not all of Alaska. Even north of the Arctic Circle it is NOT covered with Ice. The set for Northern Exposure was not Alaska or in Alaska. The setting/theme in the story was, but the "set" for the TV show was in Roslyn, Washington. These are just several of your misleading "facts", I could go on. Try actually going to Alaska and staying there for a while.

Author — Barry Hoffman


Alaska is the most beautiful state in the United States.



Alaska is drop dead gorgeous. If you never been there definitely put it on your bucket list.

Author — Andre Gilbert


#1 You can see Russia from Alaska - Sarah Palin

Author — Zach Ryder


My dream is to visit alaska & spend quality time.😍😍😍.love you alaska

Author — Ankit kumar


The greatest thing about my trip to alaska was never leaving

Author — Alaska WoodBooger


I’m gonna end my life in Alaska. The only place that can make me happy :)

Author — Prince Ashwin


As an Alaskan it’s hilarious hearing them mispronounce some the things “I didn’t know”
Why would they put in the Ted Stevens trial which was totally politically driven and thrown out in mis-trial after his aponent Mark Begich narrowly won? They left out that Ted Stevens was killed in a plane crash later.

Author — How to Alaska


This is quite fascinating. I hope to visit Alaska someday.😁

Author — Susie


Going to alaska for 1st time this friday 😬✌

Author — mike


I just spent the summer up in Alaska, it’s amazingly beautiful up there

Author — That Hiking Guy


Million times thank you for this one! :D if I would live in the United States, I would like to live in the Alaska.

Author — Heidi Leinonen


I lived there for a year I love all the different events and nature the state offers!!

Author — Cristian Chinchilla


Most beautiful states are 1 Hawaii 2 Alaska 3 California 4 New York

Author — Maxwell Silverhammer


Carlos Boozer the former NBA player is from Alaska

Author — Isaac Simpson


Growing up in Alaska was the best thing to prepare me to move to LA to start my company. I like to say I’m Alaskan first, and the rest follows. So full circle to be watching Alux do this video, as I’ve been following them for a good bit. Can’t wait to visit home and make all of my fellow Alaskans proud. From the last frontier to billions

Author — Isaac Fannin