PITTBULL Dog Buy Or Not // Dog Price List in India // Wholesale dogs market

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PITTBULL Dog Buy Or Not // Dog Price List in India // Wholesale dogs market अगर आपको कोई भी नस्ल का Dog & Puppy खरीदना है वो भी 100% Pure With Guarentee के साथ तो हमें Contect करें
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- Blurs the headless body.
- Doesn't blur the severed head.


Author — The Seleuf


I have real American Pitbulls at home and 4 children at home, they’ve never been aggressive towards them they are lovers.
Pit bull are not Human aggressive they are animal aggressive. Get the facts straight

It takes a lot of work to make a pitbull human aggressive they have to be trained to be aggressive towards human.

I’m tired of people who don’t have facts going around talking smack on the AMPT. Smh

Author — The Box


Dogs are like mirror they reflect our characters

Author — JôhÑ


It's all depends on the owner...
Always has been, and always will be...

Author — Ronneyrocks Ray


That's all depend good training, owners behaviour . Is breed ko achhe se training our family ke sath rakhana chahiye, videsho ki video ati hai is bare mai to Pitbull dog chhote baccho ke sath khela karta hai. Soye huwe hai . Pr wo hai thoda aggressive

Author — Akash patil


U shud choose an animal that matches ur energy ur way of living....pitbull is strong active but very lovely breed if raised else a chiuwaha can also be a great threat...its not the breed or dog...its the owner

Author — HYUGE


You should get an Oscar for that amazing thumbnail 😂

Author — anonymous


Hey dirty thumbnail😱.It was like.no lol.
Edit:Like seriously?I never expected a century of wholesome likes and I think I hadn't gotten so many super sonic goddamn like Lmao Thanks to all unknown l.o.louder peoples.

Author — Assassin Creed


Bro mere ghar pe 2 pitbull hai wo owner par depend karta hai wo use aggressive banaye ja friendly

Author — OSM


in the thumbnail, Rottweiler beheaded men not pitbul.

Author — Jatinder Singh


scariest thumbnail awards goes to this channel

Author — Omprakash chaudhary


I have three pitbulls and two huskys male ❤️🤗 and they always listen to me I love them and they love me anyways I m an animal lover ❤️✌️

Author — Cherry _rubi


The problem is not with the dog
The problem is with the owner how he treats the dog
Or it can be lack knowledge about this breed

Author — Sandesh Sawant


ye sirf parwarish py depend krta hai jaisa ap rkhogy vaisa voh bn jayega i hv pitbull and she is very adorable

Author — Manpreet Singh


Bhai owner ke uper depend krta hai mera ghar me Newfoundland and pitt bull American bully and i kept there names are Newfoundland ( Jerry ) and pet bull ( Dora ) aur Dora ke 5 hai vo abhi chota hai 2 female aur 3 male hai they are so cute and from when i buy them my relatives scared to come my home up till now 😂😂😂😅 still i love both of them very very much

Author — SUYASH


Mughe to Pitbull dog pasand bhi nahi me toh golden retriever dog kharidunga ❤💕

Author — Asha Deka


you just have to raise it properly
just fit him in the society and thats it

Author — FENIX


It depends on the owners of how they trained every dog in the world are friendly they just get aggressive cause you look at them and get scared so fun fact don't get scared when dogs look at you and don't run
The thumbnail

Author — Ear Th


Depend on the owner and change the thumbnail

Author — Dalbir Singh


You are right but that also depends on the owner's behaviour.Some owners do not stay friendly with their dogs.While training some owners hurt their pets.Pets are not our enemy but if we hurt them then they will also hurt us.

Author — cute dancer shreya