Syrian War Report – November 2, 2018: Syrian Army Discovers ISIS Depot With US-supplied Ammunition

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Syrian War Report – November 2, 2018: Syrian Army Discovers ISIS Depot With US-supplied Ammunition 5

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Author — South Front


My god the US is sick. Just give up! SAA won this war! The west and her puppets look pathetic and desperate. They are clearly violating international law. The UN is a joke!

Author — United we stand divided we fall


America is bringing democracy with bombs and bullets.

Author — Jaskit Stepkit


SAA is getting more US Equipment, Syria is becoming stronger.

Author — The Page Squad


The US created ISIS name it and it gives intellegence plus weapons and training and medical assitance.

Author — IvanPlayStation4LiFe


For 100 plus years the US has the worst record of always sitting with the wrong side...

Author — Dex Wolfe


im waiting to see jahadist dead bodys .

Author — Danish Hazara


7.62x51 is the Nato caliber, i didn't think they used that much (seeing that they have mostly Russian made / license built weapons), which should be mostly chambered for 7.62x45R (if i recall ?).

Its been 20 years since i was in the army, and we used 7.62x51 extensively (Modernized MG-42 squad machine gun and the G3 battle rifle), but since then, the army has cut down to 5.56 caliber for personal weapons, though i think they retain 7.62 for the squad machine guns and vehicle mounted coax. weapons. Its just not the caliber i would have expected in large quantities down there. Then again, maybe thats why they had a huge stash of it, nobody used it :D

Author — PlacidDragon


God Bless Holy Russia Victory Triumph Justice Patience

Author — nicola facciolini


The SAA hasn't made gains since july. Sad.

Author — Dale Thacker


US Army/Marines/Navy are the largest terrorist group on the world!

Author — Danko Kovačević


There is no end to this conflict as long as the terrorist sponsors remain in Syria ....Turkey Israel & America along with its bull ringed minions are the main reason for this sad state of events

Author — ArkTiger4c


...this is by far the worst conflict we have known in the modern age! its beyond an atrocity. my heart goes out to those defending their homes in this region!
disgusting to say the least now turkey usa doing joint patrols while tsa fights sdf!! certainly a quagmire of quasi terror!

Author — kanaka Vii

Author’s there anyone not knowing US and Israel are supporting the terrorists? Come on...

Author — Alex Trout


Money well spent.The SAA will make good use of them. :))

Author — zenigel


Americas supplying their regime changing proxy army.

Author — wild man


Regardless of this de-escalation zone there is still terrorist Al Qaeda and Isis linked groups in Syria which must be exterminated, the Turks cant achieve this by using forces with similar ideologies of jihad and salafism, it's time the Syrians and their allies begin pounding the jihadist positions with artillery and airstrikes.

Author — Shinji 1943


JOINT Troops from Turkey and US smoking hashish together! hardy har har ! now the truth comes out.

Author — Beattle Bailey


Is that supposed to be something new? We all know the USA arms isis. But No let's all blame everything on Saudi cause they killed a journalist. Double standards.

Author — MrFuckIsreal 123


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US weapons in Daesh surprise there.
US Turkey UK France get out of SYRIA.
Assad and SAA Russia Hizbullah IRGC Chinese Tigers etc will finish this up!

Author — ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive