How to Raise $5000 in One Week Online

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Raising money in a hurry is much easier in this day and age of crowdfunding. Sites like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, etc, allow people to raise money for their projects on an open, public platform. But how do you get strangers to contribute? What goes into a good pitch? These are some of the questions answered by Slava Rubin, Founder and CEO of IndieGoGo.

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Great video, you've given me the confidence to raise $7500 for a charity entry into Ironman. 

Author — John Smith


I'd really appreciate the support. I'm going to rock this. I absolutely LOVE giving back. And my students are all on board to help me do so! #TeachersRock let's do this guys!

Author — Lé Nailtique Noire Inc.


Folks please don't piggyback on this guys account, I'm positive he will not read your comments let alone your gofundme page. My advice is to make a video & upload here on YouTube.

If you are not a child, have cancer or a veteran, chances are you won't get much $. You MUST make a video that sets YOU apart from anyone else in the history of crowdfunding videos. I am truly sorry for each & every living thing on this planet, those whom cannot get the basic necessities needed to survive. I myself have an extremely rare (Less than 5, 000 people on planet earth lol) medical issue that will have me in a wheelchair if no surgery is done by mid to end of 2017, I've been trying to raise the cost that insurance will not cover which is $3, 000.00, trying since 6/2015 & have raised $200.00. Folks it's really really hard, I know a tonne of people on Facebook twitter & they have all shared my story thousands of times & yet haven't gotten much. Good luck to you all! 💗

Author — ammaclellan79


good and informative video about crowdfunding

Author —


Slava Rubin, ... If your able to see this Message I would like to ask you a question on here, that everyone can see and then I will probably personal email you as well in case I dont here Back from you on here, .... But my main questions are the 3 websites that you help out with Go fund me, Indie Go Go and Kick starter are those all websites where other people around the world are able to View your Posts and what your trying to earn money for?... I started a Go fund me account about a week ago and so far its telling me that my profile and the 5 fund mes that Iv started have gotten 0 Views from Anybody???? :-/ So how does all of that work?....

Author — Lindsey Shaffer


Could u exsplane how the money tranfers when u raise your funding please?

Author — Keith Hecker


Facebook doesn't work! My so called friends and family are selfish.

Author — OceanBlueLady


What if you have no family or friends? Just new ones online that don't really know you?

Author — Barbara Arsneau


great info, love the dead plant on the window sill !! lol

Author — Larry Robertson


I tried your site but we didn't really get funded...

Author — Chris


So if I need $ to fund a business, I can use this?

Author — 3089280288


I bought a 12x36 cabin. I'm trying to do it myself but I have had it 2 years now we don't have much money but we can use some help! I get S.S.I I am terminaly I'll and would like to live in it before I go! I have most of the wires, I could use insulation some sheet rock. And a electric pole. I want to live in it for awhile. God willing. Thank you for listening.God bless.

Author — Carolyn Dennison


I only need 20k.. payoff my home.. I was my mother caregiver for more than 20 yrs but she passed now I'm having a hard time getting a job . bummer..Any ideas?

Author — Cris


How do I raising money as for our children home monthly basis needs food provision needs .

Author — Prabhatkumar Mali


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Author — Brandon Lee


please help me create a gofundme campaign for my adoptive parents. My country which is the Philippines is not yet supported. Please

Author — Jordanel Basilio


Actually not everyone has friends. Or family. My mom and I have no friends or family

Author — Sabi Marcum


Have an audience that cares?...I guess I'm out of luck then;

Author — Joe S



Author — Sothis - Nenad Zimjanski


any help in releasing both of our albums would be greatly appreciated

Author — dark haired girl