Lil Tjay - F.N (Official Video)

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Lil Tjay - F.N (Official Video) 5

Official video for "F.N" by Lil Tjay.

Production Company: AT.LAS
Director - David Wept 
Co Director - Omar Jones
Co Director/Writer - Lil Tjay 
Producer - David Wept & Bobbi Digital 
DOP - Franklin Ricart
Editor - Kenny Shimm
VFX - Nolan Riddle 
Colorist - Stephen Derlugian 
Steadicam Op - Calvin Falk
Gaffer - Keisuke Nojima 
Grip - Lucien Basttiste
AC - Kenny Shimm
2nd AC - Matt Odell
Movi Tech - Andrew Peister
Casting Director - Ariona Beninato
HMU - Marie Cruz & Sarah Bedrick
Lead Supporting Act - Gwalla Donn
PA - Micheala Perau  
PA - No Credntls

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💬 Comments on the video

Man this song though.. Unbelievably good, soooo hard!! 🔥

Author — BlackySpeakz


The last person to like this will most likely be a billionaire.

Author — Jacob303 YT


Who is watching this...
-in bed
-not full screen
-reading comments
-listening to the song
*If so, you’re a legend*

Author — Kindly Help Me Reach 50k subscribers with videos


Like if lil tjay is better then 6ix9ine

Author — Elijah McDonald


Tell Me Why I'm Doing Online School With This Playing On This Goes Hard, All Prays 💯🙏🏽

Author — That Doll Girl


Let's see how many people are listening to this song in October 2020 .

Author — Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos


Who ever is watching this in 2020 is a g😎😎

Author — umYumna Khalid


When yo homie swear on his life he’s not the imposter and he kills you right after you skipped vote

Author — Ismael Bruhh




R.I.P Nipsey Hussle

R.I.P Jimmy Wopo

R.I.P Lil Snupe

R.I.P Lil Jojo

R.I.P Fredo Santana

R.I.P 2Pac

R.I.P The Notorious B.I.G

R.I.P Da Real Gee Money

R.I.P Lil Mister

R.I.P Lil Peep

R.I.P Hella Bandz

R.I.P Mac Miller

R.I.P Young Pappy

R.I.P L'A Capone

R.I.P Blood Money

R.I.P Capo


R.I.P Big Pun

R.I.P Blood Money

R.I.P Chinx Drugz

R.I.P Ol' Dirty Bastard

R.I.P Eazy-E

R.I.P Bankroll Fresh

R.I.P Big L

R.I.P Young Greatness

R.I.P YNW Sakchaser

R.I.P YNW Juvy

R.I.P Lil Lonnie

R.I.P Blvd Quick

R.I.P Louis BadAzz

R.I.P Smoke Dawg

R.I.P Lil Marc

R.I.P FBG Brick

R.I.P Mubu Krump

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R.I.P Tre' Da Kid

R.I.P Bushwick Bill

R.I.P Lil Don

R.I.P EBE Bandz

R.I.P Hella Sketchy.

R.I.P Pop Smoke

R.I.P FBG Duck

R.I.P Dex Osama

R.I.P Houdini

R.I.P Channel 5 JDub

R.I.P Mac P Dawg

R.I.P Tooka

R.I.P Alwoo

R.I.P Jmacc

R.I.P Huey

Author — ωιzzу


Like if liltjay is better then lil pump

Author — HorZor


Let's see how many fans of lil tjay listening this song in this horrible
[Fun fact:no one knows what is the crime of LIL TJAY]

Author — KNX乡ᴍʏSᴛɪғʏメ sen


tjay really made a song like this and still isn’t in peoples top ten



I showed this to my cousin and he said FN stands for fortnite...

he has been sleeping for 3 days now

Author — deformed cailou


Me in Kindergarten when my homie snitches on me

Author — Kkooney


I played this song during my cousin’s funeral because he look just like and my cousin got shot at 18

Author — Clean_snipes_ Yt


When lil tjay said “Grr bow”, Fivio Foreign felt that

Author — IDK


3 things happened today
1:My friend said they dont like this song
2: he got hit with a bus
3:i lost my job as a bus driver

Author — Pier Callin


0% girls
0% sex
0% drugs
0% Autotune
100% lil tjay

Author — LeexTheFirst


My dad broke up with my old stepmom we listened to this all the time I still cry when hearing this song because it reminds me of my old stepbrothers and 3 year old old stepmom.

Author — Noah Veronesi


Everything about this song is true.R.I.P George Floyd

Author — Cruz Fraticelli