🇨🇦 AINP - Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program - All you need to know

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🇨🇦 AINP - Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program - All you need to know 5

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Hi. my wife has some relatives living in calgary and toronto. How/where can I mention that in my express entry profile to get preference for AINP?

Author — Sheharyar Ali


Dear sir please make video on the proviences where a person whose IELTS score is less can get PR. Forexample quebec.

Author — Gagandeep Singh


How can we send documents if we are outside the country, there is no other exemptions?

Author — Khadeeja Saleem


How do I receive notification of interest from ANP ??

I am in Express entry pool now, how do they know me, Do I need to send expression of interest to them ??

Author — Chowkhan Firozkhan


My uncle's daughter is living in Calgary from last 15 years.
I would be beneficial for me or not when I will apply through aipnp

Author — Babusha Vashist


please sir please ans my 2 questions please.
lot of us suffering of 2 questions.

plz sir. many students has a confusion.
1) will WES Evaluate Indian ITI COURSE 1 YRS??
2) will WES Evaluate indian 3 years diploma course as a "3 years post secondary course" in Canada?

Author — Prodip Saha


Hello, Gud work keep it up... i m a software engineer 23 of age, can i apply in any of the pr programme . I m already working just been 8 months. Also cleared ielts. Pls guide. thanks

Author — Ravi Kain


Hello sir, if I selected Alberta in my express entry profile, can I change after a while, I am already planning to settle in Alberta because my cousin lives there, and can benifit from my cousin in getting nomination. Thanks in advance

Author — reham sarhan


How do I contact you bro.. I need to ask you some few questions bro



@dreamabroad what if we select 5 of the provinces(including Alberta) in the interest form? will this have a negative impact?

Author — Deval Arora


Thanks for posting great informative videos. I have a question regarding Alberta high volumes jobs in all AINP. Recently Alberta posted that some NOC codes has received high volumes of application and taking longer to process, which indirectly will affect all future candidates in those NOC codes. Could you please advice how it affects the applications? My NOC code is 1221 and I am not certain what should be the process? I have 425 scores and CLB 9, BCOM and 10 years of work experience. My CPA may not be recognised by WES I believe

Author — Fun Mate


clearly would like to know what is the age limit for any Canadian PR...scheme.

Author — M S Shaik


Can we apply for Alberta PNP without job offer with 20 years of foreign work experience?
Please reply asap.

Author — Mona Chopra


Hello, Sheetanshu you doing great job and thank you for updating ourselves each day . my fiance is in canada work permit after marriage I'm moving with her too so want to know checklist of documents for spouse Visitor visa or open work permit as well want to know which visa is convenient ?
Aniruddh Brahmbhatt



Thank you. My wife is applying for the AINP without any connection whatsoever to Alberta or Canada. She has Master of Public and International Affairs and has been involved in Teen and Youth Development. DO you think she has a chance for Alberta? Which Provinces would offer better Nominee for her?

Author — Femi Ogunyomi


My spouse has brother who is permanent resident of canada. Will it be counted?

Author — Jaskaran Bedi


Hi Sheetanshu...i have some questions related to process after receiving PNP of Alberta...how can I contact u

Author — Mansi Handa


Thank you for the video it was very informative. Do we send the original documents with the document checklist?

Author — Rajani Sunilkumar


Hi, Sir.
I'm from Bangladesh. I have a plan to apply for AINP program. My NOC 2147 & crs score 356.. 8 years working experience. I had completed my graduation from CSE in 2011 and MBA in 2019. IELTS clb 8 as expected, could you please tell me how chances i have to get ITA from Alberta!!

Author — Shahadat


Hi... Firstly I would like to give you a great thanks for the information on this.. I am Master's in English.. Having 4 years experience as college lecturer... I want to go Calgary only because my paternal aunt's Son live there....For example, If I apply in Express entry pool with 430 crs score and the draw cutoff in higher than my crs score.. then Will Alberta consider me or not... Is there is any different list for that????

Author — Preeti Kaur