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BBC Magic Numbers Mysterious World of Maths 2of3 720p HDTV x264 AAC MVGroup org 5

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Maxwell really should be more famous than he is.

Author — M L


24:00 Real æccent poppin' frough innit?

Author — Niamh O'Connor


If all our young students would be taught by someone like Hannah Fry, they'd all be geniuses. Either that, or they'd all be reduced to whimpering piles of hormones.

Author — Paul Houx


9:36 So Newton _never_ said "I frame no hypothesis"?

Author — Ian Grant


40:00 Hannah, you can stay with me :^)

Author — Eric Taylor


Newton & Einstein get all the credit. Maxwell should be right there with them.

Author — Jesse M


Fifty minutes in and I am sad that this video is almost over and that there is only one more episode in the series. I wish it could go on for ever. :(

Author — LtCol Pulaski


love those drawings of the scientists made out of their famous equations!

Author — Dylan Parker


45:27 The argument of the uncountability of reals is misrepresented. By the argument Hannah Fry presents here, the rational numbers would be uncountable, too. But they are countable.

Author — Andreas Abel


32:15 Strolling around an Iron Cross - "Nothing controversial

Author — non ddd


OMG, she has a PhD in fluid dynamics, my father's PhD from Johns Hopkins in Engineering was also in fluid dynamics.

Author — peter tuann


13:33 736 N is eqivalent to 75 Kg, she doesnt look that heavy

Author — --Artur--


I discovered Hannah Fry, of that I'm sure.

Author — Steve Gould


Just brilliant. Haven't worked my head so hard since school. 40 years ago.

Author — BTC Node


Doesn't need quite this much explanation. Your audience probably has an IQ of at least room temperature, so why not pick up the pace a little?

Author — Jindy2


loved this episode, very interesting stuff

Author — Rafael Huber


Narrator is so ridiculously talented.. gorgeous, beautiful voice, and a mathematician. Be still my heart

Author — Colin Rich


Heavier objects also have a stronger gravitational field so they do fall faster.

Or the lighter object is accelerating away. I always forget.

Author — Danilo Kordic


Holy hell... that voice.... I learned more than my 25 years of schooling!

Author — mastercheif1989


does anyone know where I can find the portraits of the mathematicians?

Author — Markus Schulz