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BBC Magic Numbers Mysterious World of Maths 2of3 720p HDTV x264 AAC MVGroup org 5

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I <3 Dr. Fry--I love how she so elegantly presents this stuff. Queen of Maths, long may she reign.



The material is pretty basic, but Dr. Fry is just so charming and adorable. Hard not to enjoy this series.

Author — Howard Thompson


I like when she says "we" like I've contributed something simply because I'm part of our human family. I'll go ahead and accept the benefits of being part genius by default. Thanks also to my ancestors and all the hard workers that paved the way for my life to be so awesome.

Author — Aniceto Ogumoro


*Legend has it, * when Hannah was in 4th Grade, her mathematics teacher
once asked: _Which numbers between 1 and 10 can be divided by 2?_

_All, _ replied the little Hannah.

Author — Doubloon Conroy


Maxwell really should be more famous than he is.

Author — Soul Sphere


you could ask everyone at the Infinity Hotel to move down a room so you could have the first one, but it would take forever.

Author — perfectally cromulent


9:36 So Newton _never_ said "I frame no hypothesis"?

Author — Ian Grant


Hannah Fry is a good example for how much the attractiveness of a person can be shaped by her personality. At first sight I would say that, to my personal taste, she's not a particularly pretty woman. But once you start watching her she's transformed by her charm and intelligence and seems much more enchanting to me than any catalog beauty.

Author — Maikel Kay


I learned early, while skipping class to study Relativity, that, at least in the 70s, there was this widely accepted distinction: Mathematics is an edifice that only has to satisfy it's own internal logic (in the form of proofs) all of this is based on logical axioms i.e. self evident propositions. This is called an "a priori". Now Physics, on the other hand, must answer to a completely different criterion that being Empirical i.e. experimental evidence. The language of Physics however, is Mathematics. The thing is, is that; mathematics itself seems to predict truth in Physics like how Einstein's fascination with non-Euclidean Geometry and topology i.e. (mathematicians Reiman and Henri Poincarè) allowed his formation of General Relativity. I doubt that Henri Poincarè would've ever imagined that his work would somehow lead to a deeper revolutionary topological understanding of Gravity!

Author — paxwallacejazz


love those drawings of the scientists made out of their famous equations!

Author — Dylan Parker


Beauty here there is born 

Mathematics with all its fluence 
Is a compression of language 
As such it cannot generate 
The same level of nuance 
It is by its very nature impoverished --
It's an impoverished take 
On Coleridge, Keats and Blake 
Though it has a majestic sway 
With a beautiful, elegant and laconic frame 
It no doubt makes one fundamental mistake 
As in its hubris it claims 
To hold some ultimate stake 
On what or who! Where or why?
You might say 
No, not on any question 
Posed parochially by those in the fray
But on nature herself 
Huh!! -- but none need worry 
For folly is but school ground bully 

In this domain 
Beauty there is born 
That lay beyond 
The infinite sets of Cantor 
Or any Pythagorean game 

Author — Chris Tatchell


"...these LEDs, probably not the originals." ... hhahahahaha!

Author — Mike Moloch


I discovered Hannah Fry, of that I'm sure.

Author — Steve Gould


2:14 Because that reality created this reality out of the same Mass and the same laws of physics that control Mass oscillation and associated illusions of sensory perception caused by having one foot stuck to an initial (true) inertial frame of reference and the other one in a state of oscillation creating 3 observed moment arms connected to time dilation. All a center of gravity cares about is what's in the middle. Every major mystery in physics and astronomy from anti-matter asymmetry to "missing" dark matter is screaming out the answer... but if you don't let go of false complex assumptions that hide simple answers in this information frame you will never see the real picture hidden in a pile of illusions.

Einstein was correct in holding on to logic connected to cause and effect... but the most difficult aspect of physics is putting on the straight jacket as cause and effect only supports one correct assumption. The most important pattern in Nature connected to time and space is being ignored because of false assumptions hiding it's raw logic and relative simplicity.

27:17 Maybe it was caused by a loose cable like this "coincidence"....
In 2011 OPERA announced it had done apox 1500 measurements of the muon neutrino traveling 453.6 miles @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 sec. over a period of 3 years. That appears to show the muon neutrino created at the speed of light was exceeding the speed of light by 2.48e-5 sec. Now here's the incredible coincidence caused by the "loose cable" that resulted in the mistake being announced worldwide... after the E158 ratio reduction calculations were posted on Nature's Forum.

SLAC's E158 weak force asymmetry ratio {a} is created by adding the EXACT distance light travels in one hour to the EXACT distance light travels in one thousand years... and basic math reducing the E158 WF Asy gain down to 453.6 miles shows that is an EXACT match @ 2.48e-5 sec by creating an asymmetry in time of 0.20e-5 sec. just as predicted in the reverse oscillation phase. You don't have to use imaginary time to get the two measurements to match because (relative to our frame of reference) neutrinos oscillate in space connected to time and the mathematics added the 4th oscillation phase of the graviton better known as the electron hole shown opposite the electron... and that's where things get heavy due to the subtrahend of the EM wave created.

SLAC confirmed time has asymmetry (adding a 2nd reverse arrow to time tailoring entropy to support Life's evolution) a year later in November 2012 adding yet another amazing coincidence. Then just a few months ago Monica Olvera de la Cruz at Northwestern University doing computer simulations working with nanoparticles engineered with DNA in colloidal crystals made a startling discovery that "rocks the current understanding of matter" and "upended the current accepted notion of matter" when she used a 1.4 nanometer nanoparticle 3/4 the size of DNA which exposed the electron oscillation phase of DNA. They had been using nanoparticles far bigger where the resulting structures appear static fixed in place, but when missing the space connected to time needed to support the reverse atomic oscillation phase of DNA the smaller nanoparticle appeared to turn into an electron and "this is where the magic happened" they said. 

Monica's discovery has been confirmed and supports the mathematics that show Life has Mass, and Mass oscillation creates the atomic structure of matter that in turn creates a filter for sensory perception connected to time.

Author — John F Hendry


The way she told us that the room 1 is gonna be hers. Something so adorable and magical abt her presentation.

Author — I Made Arisanto Jonathan


Narrator is so ridiculously talented.. gorgeous, beautiful voice, and a mathematician. Be still my heart

Author — Colin Rich


Where is that wonderful garden? Also, captions are perfect, needed, and appreciated. Nice filming.

Author — Bill Maghan


22:34 - Yeah, and I bet I know just how Faraday came up with that idea.

Author — Topcliffe


When one is the only number what do you expect 😂

Author — Donny Sandley


Oops. They saw a wave where a stream of matter was departing the sun. That can only occur with a liquid surface. So the sun must be liquid hydrogen metal, with a plasma atmosphere.

Author — Mike Schwab