4K | Hubble The Final Frontier - Official Final Film #Planetarium Cut

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4K | Hubble The Final Frontier - Official Final Film #Planetarium Cut 4.5
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Hubble The Final Frontier. Explore the universe through Hubble's eye, and witness the most dangerous, spectacular and mysterious depths of the cosmos in stunning 4K UHD.
Music Composed by Jennifer Athena Galatis. Produced by ESO & ESA.



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Actually the final frontier will be learning the possibilities of the universe that you cannot find in any book.
Didn't these people ever listen to Q In Star Trek TNG?

Author — Culvea Solvere


Immagini spettacolari che lasciano senza fiato...

Author — lorenzo cacchiani


I don't think you guys included enough stars in this film.

Author — Chris Musix


Fascinante la vista, que espectaculares imágenes. Gracias

Author — Daniel Cabrera


Those images of galaxies colliding are NOT Hubble images,
They are computer simulations
Still a very beautiful video

Author — Carsten Tonnies


Should i see the wholeness of the Universe or bow my head to this awesome beauty?.

Author — anibal cesar nishizk


I wish to travel a light year in an hour to explorer our cosmo

Author — Dharmesh Prasad


Ahh Praise God for HD I love all things astronomy and watching video after video in SD is...frustrating. The pristine environment of space is no place for blocking and tiling IMHO. Keep them coming and thank you.

Author — Johnny Ryan


Music: Hubble’s universe by Jennifer Athena

Author — Justincasedee


Magnífico excelente maravilhoso parabéns

Author — Cassio Alvarenga


Great cg you'll never really know or see what they actually see. But its a pretty illusion

Author — Molon Labe


Crap! Where are pictures from the Hubble telescope?

Author — Johannes Jung


All shot out of Sofia (stratospheric observatory for infra red astronomy ) an airplane they can put 6 different telescopes on it it goes to 42000 ft

Author — Tim Moynahan


All beautiful. But I never wonder we human kind have been able to do wonderful things. the way our machines go beyond the solar system .... but we have not yet been able to live in peace without killing and bringing pain and crying

Tutto bellissimo. Ma mi domando mai noi genere umano siamo stati capaci di fare cose meravigliose. il modo in cui le nostre macchine oltre il sistema solare .... ma non siamo stati ancora capaci di vivere in pace senza uccidere e portare dolore e pianto

Author — daniele gallo


4:35 dance, dance... las estrellas haciendo el amor...

Author — Siddhartha Solar


wellcome fundación Perú sin fronteras united the world....

Author — Luisito Javier Gomezz


Stephen Hawking quotation: "We are puny organisms to the mighty universe that created us".

Author — Dan Jakubik


*Вселенная это всего лишь маленькая песчинка*

Author — wizard


This is why im getting my doctorate in astro-physics

Author — dickthedestroyer


I wonder what the real photos would look like David

Author — David Roberts