Explained: Russian SAM Systems :- SA-2(1957) To SA-23(2013) | DCS

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1:47 ZSU23-2/4, ZSU-57-2
3:26 SA-2 Guideline
5:38 SA-3 Goa
9:13 SA-5 Gammon
12:24 SA-6 Kub
16:17 SA-8 Gecko
18:36 SA-9 Gaskin & SA-13 Gopher
21:01 SA-10B Grumble B
25:04 SA-10D Grumble D
27:27 SA-11 Buk
30:43 SA-12 Gladiator/Giant
34:46 SA-15 Gauntlet
36:31 SA-17
39:08 SA-19 Grison
42:16 SA-20A Gargoyle
45:17 SA-20B Gargoyle
47:32 SA-21 S-400
47:48 SA-23
50:14 ALL SAMS!
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Cap, I'm only 11 minutes in so far. But the use of the jeep for a ground-level perspective and the cows to emphasize scale is... brilliant.

Author — Christopher Johnson


This video would have been a game changer for me in USAF intel school 25 years ago. We learned these systems looking at projected slides and black and white photos. Well done Cap and team.

Author — Richard Bejtlich


Do the same comparison with American, Asian and European SAM systems. That would be amazing.

Author — Phoenix


This, Reapers, is an EXCEPTIONAL video! The research needed and delivery fantastic. The time I spend on wikis trying to piece together SAM information and you have the ultimate guide right here now. This video is on my, um, Quick Dial. Honestly, THANK YOU for doing it, I hope you get many more Patreons 'cos this is money well spent on quality entertainment and game information. Some laughs too there .... man I can actually smell the beef. 🐮🐮🐮🍖🍖🍖👌👌👌

Author — Nap Nic


S-125 can fire multiple missiles at a time. At a single target only, however. Don't know why this is moddeled incorectly. But, it was standard practice for us to engage every target with two missiles in 1999. Was it called dual channel guidance, or guidance via two channels. Something like that, translations are rough, and so is my English.

Author — B V


I was an ELINT analyst in the Air Force a long time ago and this would have been so much nicer than reading Jane's and the classified similar books for information.

Author — Trevor Hisanian


the tunguska actually has a track radar (the round thing at the front) which can augment the SACLOS although it is more used for automated gun fire. also SACLOS is aim the sight at the enemy MCLOS a joystick

Author — Jehannes Zuidema


This is fascinating. Where you've come in the 2 years I've been watching you is remarkable...in both your in-game ability and your ability to tell a story (and edit until your eyes bleed). I've never played DCS or Arma for that matter but I still watch everything you put out because if I'm not learning something I'm laughing my ass off. Thanks Cap, I cannot imagine how much research went into this and how patient the boys needed to be for all the resets lol

Author — Chris Laib


This reminds me of the American F-16 pilot who dodged 6 SAMs in one mission over Iraq. The footage is crazy as the Gs he experienced must have been insane.

Author — Rick James


This very first time I have ever truly understood the size of these Russian SAMs. Pictures and videos on television do these machines no justice. One of the best educational DCS videos I have seen to date. Thank you, sir.

Author — Jay G


Cap can you please do an exact same video like this but with NATO sams and aaa.

I enjoy your videos

Author — Caden Kellner


39:30 Everyone in War Thunder Top tier knows how good the Tunguska is.
Crazy fast missiles witch you see, when they hit you. Also amazing MG for short range

Author — Patrick Tho


I keep watching the video, more mistakes: I am not sure about the S-75, but S-125 can definitely fire two missiles at one target. I believe it is the same for the S-75.

Author — Slobodan Mitic


Great video, great cast, great timing…PETA is unhappy that any cows were killed. Greta is unhappy that all the methane belching cows weren’t killed.
Nice job 👍

Author — Bentley 44


Love this video for its explanation between models. Obviously the caps and lims aren't going to be accurate because it's a game and based of unclassified info I'm sure, but still liked it. A NATO video would be awesome to pair this with!

Author — ROTNReaper Gaming


Amazing to see that DCS even simulates the two good luck cows that are standard with each battery

Author — Top Shelf Music Group


Really well done with this one. Audio and presentation is excellent. Setting them out and driving around to compare is a nice touch.

Author — Wraith


The S-350E looks like an interesting setup as well.

Author — David Brown


Fantastic video, thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into these!

Author — Alexis


I love these videos. Thank you for making DCS accessible to us! :)

Author — TheKythia