Theme Park Rides That Had To Be Shut Down - Part 2

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Coming up are some more theme park rides that had to be shut down!

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Imagine surviving war and dying on a rollercoaster

Author — Oliver Cingl


The Sandblaster one surprised me… in 2018, I think I was around 10. I wanted to go onto that ride so bad, but my dad noticed that I wasn’t properly fit into the seat. He made me get off the ride and I threw a FIT. I just now heard this story. I dodged a good bullet that day I guess 😅

Author — Klee Works At McDonald’s


Long ago ( I was maybe 8th grade), my friend’s dad was an inspector for traveling amusement businesses coming to northern CA…
The stuff he learned thus shut down many a ride coming to town! He was tough!
It also created a BAN of his kids and the kid’s friends ever riding traveling carnival rides!
I have never EVER been on traveling rides, and very few stationary park rides.
I am still freaked out by her dad’s stories!

Author — Arbonne Lady


I just wanted to give much respect to the editors who created the awesome graphics, pictures and videos added to make these lists super enjoyable.

Author — Alison Kennedy


I've been to M&Ds twice and all my family and friends went on the Tsunami. Even tho it was smaller and slower than the biggest coaster I'd been on, I felt gripped with fear and it didn't sit right with me, so I stood and watched on the side. Two years later, it fell apart. Some things are strange...

Author — DY/ DX


The girl who lost her feet was actually very lucky. The cable was originally wrapped around her NECK. She managed to wrestle it off and the portion around her feet remained as the ride dropped. Fascinating Horror did a video on this, if I recall correctly.

Author — Espresso Wolf


What's terrifying is that about a year before the incident, I actually went on this list's last ride.

Author — BragCrayfish


I remember going on Hypersonic. I really enjoyed the launch and ended up going on it twice during my visit. I didn’t have a problem with the initial acceleration. My problem was the headache it gave me after the launch due to the jerkiness. I also really enjoyed Volcano, (which was also there at the time) and was itself a prototype. I believed that got removed due to the expensive repairs that it needed when it broke down.

Author — Bladeanator


I think it’d be cool to have a track with a see-through section (so it looks like the coaster is jumping a gap even though it really isn’t).

Author — Liz Briar


Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland (closed 1969) had a twin track Racing Coaster. Apparently two riders tried to stand up, having just lap bars, and join hands as the two trains raced side by side. One fell out and went head first into a post. According to history books, this was the only fatal accident in the park's 70+ years.

Author — Eaglethree


The Ride Of Steel story hits a bit close to home. There was someone who did not have legs that wanted to go on The Big One at the amusement park my dad was a manager at. The only difference is my dad explained that he would have been thrown out of the ride due to being amputated from the waist down, making the lap bars ineffective. The man was more than happy with this explanation and dad put him on a ride with overhead restraints for as long as he wanted to go on it!

Author — Mini_Beth3432


For the last incident, a little not so fun fact:
The way that the 4 passengers died was so gruesome that the 2 people that were sent to recover them had to take PTSD therapy. Yikes.

Author — Miloyall GD


Those guys who stood up in the rollercoaster should have gotten a Darwin Award!

Author — irgendwerausbayern - someguyfrombavaria


A few months ago I went to Dreamworld and rode the Motorcoaster (the motorbike ride). The ride stated you had to be able to tough the harness that went over your back, I am a very slender person and when the harness closed it didn’t touch my back. I told my friend and we called over the attendant and they just told me to stretch my arms. I was terrified the entire ride, especially considering it doesn’t have anything to stop you from falling off the side of the ride and it goes on it’s side.

Author — Mango


I love this channel! I love all your interesting facts you’ve taught us all! I’m so happy In all the success you’ve had through the years my man🤟🏻 rock on🤟🏻

Author — blake hillsdale


My mom and I had a similar experience with the Superman ride. In a town 30 minutes away from our home town there is a theme park. The ride we were on was called the firecracker (now renamed to the shoot off). The ride usually lifted us a few feet off the ground before shooting you up at high speed and then releasing you back down, similar to the Superman. However, as the ride lifted before the shoot off, I noticed my seat wasn’t locked, and my seat locked as soon as we took off, I got lucky, but I was terrified. As we exited the ride, I came to find out that it happened to my mom too. However, her seat did not lock at all, and she almost flew out. Terrifying experience for the both of us. The ride should have been shut down. But it’s not. The ride has at least one broken seat on all four sides and the people don’t even check if our seats are locked. It was horrifying.

Author — Kiwi May


I got to six flags Darien lake every year and I’ve heard the story of ride of steel many times. He wasn’t following park rules or what the operators were saying. (The operators are usually very nice!) ride of steel still runs and it’s very fun. I recommend the park entirely!

Author — Rᴀɴᴅᴏᴍɴᴇss_Eᴅɪᴛᴢ


Now that I think about, there has been an accident several years ago at the Gardaland Park in Italy.
The "Sequoia Adventure" ride, which is a rather slow ride, but very particular. Basically, the coaster brings you slowly upwards and on the way up you basically find yourself upside down for a couple of good seconds, not like in a rollercoaster fast paced leap.
Basically, a blackout happened and the coaster abruptly stopped mid-ride, leaving people for about 10 minutes upside down. I don't know exactly how the investigation went, but the ride closed soon after.
I'm one lucky guy because I had the chance to enjoy that ride some years before the incident ;)
Love your videos!

Author — Andrei Martis


I rode the Sanblaster in Daytona Beach 2 weeks before it crashed. It was so sketchy. We were loaded into the second cart. The front cart had bricks on the floor. My cousin and I looked at each other and said we might die tonight. Thankfully for us, we survived the ride.

Author — Eric Gordon


There is a story that I still remember where me and my parents got on the Tanganyika Tidal Wave at Busch Gardens and sat in the front row. Now I don’t know exactly how old I was when I rode it, but I was pretty young, probably elementary school age. But anyways, me and my family decide to get on the ride, with my dad sitting to my right and my mom sitting to my left, and it was fine up until the very end. Now, for people that have rode it, you would know that there was a 55-foot drop at the very end, which causes a huge splash, and I believe there was only a lap bar for restraint, so in preparation for the drop, my dad put his left arm over my chest to help me from going forward. But, as luck would have it, that wasn’t enough, and at the end of the drop when the water splashed on us, my body was sent forward and my nose made contact with the bar in front of me that you would use to hold onto. Pretty sure that I had a broken nose, my mom asked the ride operator to call for medical help and I also believe that they closed the ride soon after to check the restraints. But anyways, the EMTs came over to us and inspected my nose, and luckily it was only bruised, so they gave me an ice pack to put on it and we went about our day.

Author — Sonic Star