Anunnaki Royals found in a sleeping stasis

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Anunnaki Royals found in a sleeping stasis 4
Real video evidence of the infamous sleeping Annunaki. The first shown was unearthed by accident and subsequently died of exposure shortly after, the second is still preserved within stasis and is biologically active. These beings are waking up all around the world! Many have already been secretly relocated somewhere else by covert government operations.

Buzz At Pentagon Says Sumerian Gods Are Returning! Hatonn: Anunnaki Remained On Earth, Since Last Encounter With Nibiru/Marduk; View Sleeping Giant Of Iran! Galactic Federation Of Light Say Anunnaki Left 20 Years Ago

Cosmic Disclosure: Sleeping Giants
Goode described stasis chambers as being originally built by an “Ancient Builder Race” who used crystal technologies to create time bubbles in which the flow of time on the inside is much slower than the outside. Thirty minutes can elapse inside the time bubble, while 30,000 years speed by on the outside according to Goode. He said that these stasis chambers with perfectly preserved giants inside them had been found all over the world.

Iran has found the tomb asc 12,000 years!

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I got those stick-on gems at Joanne Fabrics.

Author — Happy Nancy


The Anunnaki left completely in 70 BCE, so why would it be 12, 000 years old? Besides, the Flood was 11, 000 years ago. This is a hoax

Author — The Man from Epsilon Crucis


12, 000 real, silly fools..get over your false man made dogmas (yes, plural, as None of them are Right).. & See the Evidence all around you...add a few zeros...try a few Million years

Author — Nu Liform


Great costumes, however the props look plastic!




Author — 関暁夫


Re- Animated from real skeletons. But. Annunaki are much bigger probably giant skeletons older and probably harder to re animate

Author — Justin Brown


The first video it's real de 2 one it's fake 100% you just have to look the's 2 diferent it's super fake

Author — axelguzman Sornoza


Even 1980s video cameras had way better resolution than this potatoes that was used to record this video!!! Geez

Author — Bb Bb


Egyptian gold statue found in iran? Somethings fishy... LMAO

Author — BrOwN3yer0$eBUD


what douse that fish shaped tablet say what douse it translate to

Author — Brett Masters


The hair looks way too good on the second one

Author — Acid Blood


The images were so blurry I could not count the toes. Their Nephilim offspring had 6.

Author — Lotusrk123


These men are not giants lol they look smaller than 5'5

Author — KING SAUL


The first body was genuine, they can't fake ancient symbolic without ideas, low graded culture there, second body is fake, they are trying to cover-up the original discovery and hidden .... Great discovery better than Egyptians Mummies...

Author — John Wick


that's some nice clay doll right there. how much for a female version? i wants me some afroditis badly, man...

Author — Metapixelatron


Wouldn't u know it..
Europeans...absolutely amazing, no matter where they so call find shit, earth. the moon, mars, alpha centari etc, they're always European.

Author — Jeffery Thomas


If thats real then thats incredibly creepy.. lookin like he's just about to rise like a zombie Lol

Author — AYE


Thracian king, even the patterns on the crown are similar to their style.
The red hair is a hundred percent proof for that.

Author — Spartak Bugarski


Looks to prestige to be ancient . One would expect more discolouration of the artifacts and the body.

Author — smooth Buddha


Oh please LMAO people will believe anything they are told, wax figurines are so yesterday's news.

Author — The Delusional Dawkins