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Left 4 Dead - The Movie 4.5

Left 4 Dead The Movie is a fan made non profit project based on the hit videogame from Valve, a work of pure passion, made from an handful of fans with no means, help or funds, for pure enjoyment and non profit purposes!

Zoey - Silvia Quondam
Bill - Roberto Verrocchi
Louis - Samuel Umai
Francis - Marco Rea
Gordon - Philippe Guastella

We would also like to thank the following
Gibson Remone Ford
Nielsen Nadia Bergmann
Industrias Textiles de Sudamerica
Vanessa Riethmann
Tobias Archer
Fitness Heroics LLC
Rouch Leonard
Lee Friend
Barua Elora
McLaren Andrew
Kassandra Gamboa
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Lars-Ove Karlsson
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Cristiano Sollazzo
Steph Fiorese

Thank you all who are following us from the very beginning!

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Seriously. I've been seeing them started this fan made L4D film project since year 2008 or 2009, when L4D is still a fresh new popular video game. They have gone through a lot of issues : Financial, Casting, Productions, etc. They really put 200% effort on this film which is NON-PROFIT. After 7 years of making it, right now... Here they are. I haven't watch the film yet. I directly like and share, to pay my little respect for their hardworks. THIS IS THE PASSION OF ART! *salute*

Author — Seven Lee


Who's still waiting for L4D3 to come out?

Author — CamtheBCVlogger _


In the movie, Everyone is infected.

Camera Man: Am I joke to you?

Author — Angelo Torrecampo


25:28 Okay, who else was waiting for this moment ?

Author — FaLCoN - X


Watching this March 31, 2020 on quarantine because of COVID-19. I played the game when I was in younger and I hope nothing close to a zombie apocalypse happen now. Hahahaha

(Laughs is worried.)

Author — Adam Ragasa


To all the haters please go make a 50 minute movie about left for dead and post it and lets compare.

Author — Bkrenfro91



Jason Statham as Francis
Anna Kendrick as Zoey
Harrison Ford as Bill
Michael B. Jordan as Louis

Author — Joshua Abram Caoagdan Sorneo


The person who became boomer was a really good actor.

Author — Arpone


This was made by people who both understand and love the game, a rare gem of video game adaptations done right! Thank you guys for this great film, wish I knew about it sooner

Author — DillaSoul22


This was awesome. But man, if they had them meet the l4d2 group at the end or after the credits would have been the icing on the cake.

Author — Zackery Hines


Damn this is 50 minutes and still has less ads then a 15 minute morgz video

Author — Memer God


I remembered playing left 4 dead way back 2009 and seeing the game come to life through this movie is simply amazing! I know I'm a bit late but thank you sooo much! 💖

Author — Micah Miho


At 10:00 who else said "hes definitely gonna be a hunter"

Author — WivernWyveroon


If u r watching this movie clip in 2020 there's something big coming up in this September

Author — CrazyBanana_ senpai


Could've done Without The Voice Overs But All In All Not Bad

Author — Keith Vigil


I love the game, and i thought this was brilliant, who else was waiting for Louis to say "pills here", at 25.30 ?.

Author — 1987mrbenn


The instant i played Left 4 Dead, i loved the game.

The instant i played this movie, i loved this movie.

Good job!

Author — Leonardo Figueira


They sound so calm even when theyre fighting XD



Props to the man that played the transforming boomer he did a good job

Author — BirdBones


This is my 3rd time watching this Epic movie its special effects are so good that it looks like realistic

Author — Alpha Wolf