Digitech trio blues genre

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Digitech new pedal played on the blues setting. Simple 12 bar blues in G messing about

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I like it!    Thanks for the pedal demo!   I challenge the spotnik to do better.   It takes a lot of courage to post something and let the world chew it to pieces.   Keep jamming dude!

Author — Tony Bowers


Sounds great! I just got mine and spent a day listening to all the different settings, you almost need to do that to figure out what you have to switch to.

Author — Buddy Martin


Blues on man!!! Cant wait to get the trio.

Author — RockTheSix 73


Awesome! How I've not known about these pedals before, I'll never know!

Author — devilriderman


Keep at it bro, ignore the haters. I got put down all the time and now all those peeps don't even play anymore. Keep working out those chops. I recommend bypassing all the new stuff and going back to some Hendrix, SRV, Buddy Guy, Lightnin' Hopkins, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, etc. If you can get those licks then you got the blues fo' sho'! Rock on man! Great demo!

Author — Todd Hooper


You go for it !! That what the TRIO is all about, to find your own grove

Author — Alan Kirkham


Can you record your rithym guitar to the trio or is just bass and drum?

Author — Marco Monn


way too many 8th notes followed by predictable bends.  u approach blues solo'ing with all the mind of a midi computer.  from 1995.  blues is supposed to be about pure feel meeting humanoid technique

Author — Fred