Paratroopers Static Line Jump From C-17

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Paratroopers Static Line Jump From C-17 4.5

Paratroopers from the 82nd and 101st Airborne Division perform static line jumps from C-17 Globemaster III aircraft over Sicily Drop Zone at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

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SSgt Michelle Di Ciolli, SrA Nicholas Priest, SSgt Chelsi Urban

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I was honored to serve with this the finest airborne unit in the world hoorahhhh!! To all my mates of the 82nd Airborne 321st combat artillary regiment 18th battalion 91 - 95 desert storm vet, it was an honor and a pleasure to serve with you.

Author — Alan Peters


How long does it take to form an effective force after a landing like that? Must take ages.

Author — ttaibe


Operation: Market Garden (New Edition).

This time, no Flak 88 cannons firing at them.

Author — John Elvert Talang


I was born in Lopburi(Thailand) and grow up in Wings 2. I had chance to see cobra gold ( US, Thailand and Singapore). US military very friendly! 👍

Author — Dragon Iloveyou


5:13 that's how u break bones. Feet and knees together paratrooper

Author — KV33


3:34 "sir there is no parachute in my ba.."

*pushes off plane*

Author — TastyTarco


looked like a chicken farm in the thumbnail

Author — Iton Sohigh


Another episode of what quarantine made me watch

Author — Mohammed Ismail


So proud of my brother- 82nd airborne paratrooper- Sergeant Denis 💚

Author — Christalena


They should have shot the SOB who designed the drop-bag system in WW2. They broke loose without fail!

Author — Lawrence Tate


A question: Why are they carrying so much gear?

Author — Huntington Now


anyone here because this randomly popped up on your recommendations?

Author — marco steidel


Espektasi : the cool landing in game
Reality : ouhh ok i know now

Author — Ryamizard TU


Such brave men! God Bless them for having the courage to fight for our country and so many people who dont respect the sacrifices these men make for their lives. Thank you to them and their families 🇺🇲 ❤

Author — Kristin Roberson


Crusty old vet: "What a bunch of sissies! Back in my day we jumped without parachutes from the backs of pterodactyls"!

Author — Prairie Viking


When you're playing Warzone in real life

Author — Hassan Abanur


Anyone else here cause you found this on your recommendations?

Author — Flexishot


Now imagine you're a German in Nomandy on June 6th 1944 and just see hundreds of them coming down.

Author — Noodles


All parachute landings are hard.

These brave guys just made it look easy.

Author — Douglas Wayne


This legit looks I'm playing COD and gotta hurry and find weapons before anyone else whoops my ass

Author — Akash Nair