Vitamin D Production (Energetically programmed audio)

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Vitamin D is produced naturally in your body, the body absorbs UVB and uses it to convert cholesterol (7-dehydrocholesterol) into D3.
This is then sent to liver where it becomes a useable form form of Vitamin D.
The Programming in this will work with that process to help you produce it. (by drawing in UVB and inducing the cholesterol conversion).
Use 2 - 3 times for best results, supplement as you need.
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💬 Comments

I’m walking around the grocery store with this playing on my phone so people in my arctic town get a little dose of sunshine ☀️ eternally grateful Sapien

Author — Zenia's Creative Space


I was feeling really weak and unwell and I figured my vitamin D must've gotten low then I played this 2 times and immediately felt well and slept well too . thank you .

Author — A


I felt tired looked dull and I meditated with this. I instantly felt better and there’s a glow in my face. ☀️

Author — 𝒜𝓁𝒾𝒸𝒾𝒶 𝟚𝟚𝟚


He’s not kidding when he said it’s sent to the liver. As I’m laying back nearing sleep, I can feel my liver heating up/resonating. This is amazing!

Author — J C


This is the most powerful field he has created by far. I tried listening to the Crohn's audio but I don't know how much it's actually helping. I listened to this over 10 times since it says you can listen to it as needed as part of a supplemental regiment, and there has been an increase in many different things all of which feel associated with benefits from vitamin D. I have been told that I've been deficient a couple times in my life, with supplementation of the ingestion of vitamin D not going so well or maybe I am not taking as much as I should. It is like it is instantly infusing me

Author — audichunes


Just reading the comments makes me happy. Thank you sapien 😇 we are all truly blessed to have people like you who are willing to go the mile to care about the well being of our population ❤️ self care is so important and meditation to these frequencies help a lot😊

Author — Skee.Grae11


The coolest consequence of this here isn´t actually that it helps us to get rid of certain Vitamin D deficiencies (aka depressive states). It´s that we regenerate damaged neurons in our brain. Vitamin D is known to have healed some forms of brain damage,

Author — How mathematicians create maths


This thing really works,
I was deficient in vit d, about 11ng/ml
Used this audio 3 times a day for around 50 days.. took the test.. and boom 27ng/ml..
Talk of magic..
Thanks sapien

Author — no198720


I would love a vitamin B deficiency (all forms B1 etc) and magnesium ❤ thanks for considering these! You have a true fan here, thanks so much for creating such healing beauty.

Author — Whitney


Hey Sapien, have you heard of Vitamin D Receptors (VDR) as the main cause to Vit D issues? Lots of new research coming out explaining how vitamin d receptors are blocked by pathogens causing chronic illness. Definitely worth checking out... morphic fields directed at unblocking vdr's could be best in the long run.

Author — Colin Chang


Dear Sapien Med thank you again for using your bright intelligence and deep knowledge to help us! Always a pleasure to discover your work: colors, animation, music, morphic field, the description containt. I am always learning new information with your videos.

Author — Clo-tii


Another gift for humanity from Sapien ☺️☺️. Thank you Sapien for all the work you are doing. Energy healing is next gen medicine. We must spread this throughout the world to change consciousness & increase vibration of the planet Earth ☺️☺️. thank you so much☺️

Author — Jay Mata Di


Our world has been blessed by what I call the 'Medicine Messiah.' Thank you so much for all your healing videos.

Author — Alice Phillips


Thank you so much for this! I live in Wisconsin USA, where Winter seems to last almost all year long and too cold to get out in the beautiful Sun for long enough periods of time in order to produce Vitamin D properly. Much love and many blessings to you and all! 💛☀️💛

Author — AlKiMisT


Thank you so much for this, I've been suffering with Vitamin D deficiency for years now, this is going to be so helpful. 🙏🏽❤️

Author — Rahaf Almasri


Literally a day or so before this came out, I had the thought, hmmm, wonder why I haven't seen any vitamin/nutrition videos from Sapien at this time. Literally had just had that thought, within a day of this video coming out. I am beyond amazed. I am enchanted. Bless you, Sapien!

Author — jenka_world


La vitamina D se produce naturalmente en su cuerpo, el cuerpo absorbe los rayos UVB y los usa para convertir el colesterol (7-dehidrocolesterol) en D3. Esto luego se envía al hígado donde se convierte en una forma utilizable de vitamina D. La programación en esto trabajará con ese proceso para ayudar a producirlo. (atrayendo UVB e induciendo la conversión de colesterol). Use 2 - 3 veces para obtener los mejores resultados. Gracias por lo que hacen por todos nosotros!!!!

Author — Jose Unqui


Love this Sapien!! A lot of us are vitamin D deficient! ❤️

Author — Andrea Pérez Arduña


Hello Sapien. Long time, no see.
I appreciate the effort you make every day, and I hope you continue to do so. Guys, we always asked for a new video, but we thought he need resources to do this? does it take time? You can support him on patreon, it's like giving a juice for a good cause. For something that will do us good in the future. I already support you on patreon, so I can show you my support. Also, good luck in the new projects!

Author — SkyDev


Thanks Sapien! The winters in Sweden are relatively long, much of it quite dark. This is much needed in such times. Thanks a bunch!

Author — WorldOfMusic