If Google Was A Guy (Full Series)

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Every episode of your favorite web series, all in one video! Starring Brian Huskey, If Google Was A Guy answers the stupid questions we asked, still ask, and will always ask.


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This has more character development than most Netflix shows.

Author — Floshi


“How to not pay taxes”
“Do dead people pay taxes?”
“How to get lifesize mannequin”
“How to tell the difference between a dead body and mannequin”

Author — E-Girl with a gun


"What is YOLO?"
- "Is that your kids phone?"

Laughed so hard

Author — Matias Agudelo


College humour just preempted my “If google was a guy” binge and put EVERYTHING TOGETHER. 😂😂😂😂

Author — Valmaroni


Foot same length Europe: yes.

Inch same length Europe: also yes.

Dexter based on real: assuming we’re talking about the tv series, no.

Why mile length: because it was originally designed to be a decimal system of 1000 paces (which was 2 steps(one with each foot)) but because you don’t step the same distance every time when people went back to measure the miles they had counted out they were different lengths so eventually it got defined as 8 furlongs and it’s just a mess kilometers are far more simple. There’s nothing wrong with using miles now since they are defined by the meter not arbitrary rubbish, just don’t look into the origins too much, it’s a rabbit hole not worth diving into.

Cream cheese is cheese: yes, it’s just not matured so does not have the the more solid texture or a rind.

Avocado pit huge why: because in jungles there is a lot of ground cover so seeds need a lot of stored energy to grow tall enough to gain sunlight for photosynthesis, big seed means more energy stored within.

Why longitude shaped like an orange slice: lines of longitude are drawn from pole to pole and are equidistant from each other, straight lines on a sphere drawn from the same point will always meet on the opposite side of the sphere due to the curvature of the surface, causing the orange slice shape between straight lines.

Electric outlets look surprised why: Americans put the grounding prong on the bottom of the plug, humans are good at spotting patterns which look like a face because in our Hunter gatherer days seeing a face out of the corner of your eye could be the difference between life and death, so two holes above a central hole below looks like a face at a glance.

Millipedes 10x faster than centipedes: not only is it a misnomer that millipedes have 1000 legs and centipedes having 100 legs (the fact that the guy in this figured out 1000 is ten times larger than 100 very unrealistic but I digress) centipedes are significantly faster than millipedes, millipedes are far closer to worms in terms of how they eat so prefer to move slower and centipedes are more like wandering spiders but a billion times creepier so move fast to catch prey.

Baby powder made out of babies: now that sounds like a scandal waiting to happen.

What’s a surfbort: apparently Beyoncé can’t say surfboard properly.

Is hula hoop a sport: yes

Can owls walk: they can, but they can also fly, so why would they want to walk?

Is dilbert Jewish: don’t think it’s ever been said that he is Jewish so I’m just gonna say “undefined”.

What happens if plant sesame seed: it will grow into a plant as long as you look after it properly.

Dad from the nanny dead: nope, he’s still alive and kicking.

Can you keep a duck: yes, but I wouldn’t trust the likes of this guy with keeping anything.

What are the newest shapes: apparently it’s called a scutoid, it’s a 3 dimensional is a prism like shape with one axis from one base of the prism splitting into a Y shape to a shape with one more corner at the top of the prism, looks cool.

Is superman circumcised: considering he is indestructible unless around kryptonite to anything that isn’t himself or his species, he probably isn’t. The alternative being one of the villains that beat him did it or he did it himself, both are equally harrowing thoughts.

Can kangaroo be milked: Yes, but considering to do that would mean 1. Removing the foetus from the teat and killing it in the process and 2.sedating the kangaroo because they will kick you if you try to go inside their pouch, you should probably stick to cows and goats.

Who else is british: I cannot answer this question, not because I cannot list every British person but because I don’t know what British person he is comparing to, which would cause the same name as he one he originally searched but we didn’t hear to appear in the list, making the answer invalid.

Author — Meatball G


All, jokes aside, this series is absolute gold.

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


Guy goes to WebMD:
"Hot hands and feet?"

Basically WebMD in a nutshell

Author — Josh Smith


"Okay to drink expired milk?"
"What happens if.. drink expired milk?"

That got me so good.

Author — Kindly help me get 1k subs without video$


Guy: Tent
Google: Do a little camping huh?
Guy: Tentacle Hentai
Google: OH COME ON!
Me: Spits out my coffee

Author — Good Gaming Gamer


Did anyone else find it really wholesome when Google was legitimately trying to help the guy find a mosque?

Author — TheOtherGuy5150


I’m sad there wasn’t an episode where google is closed and everyone is entertained by him playing with a stuffed dinosaur

Author — Why I woke Up


"silent heart attack symptoms"
"how to prevent heart attack"
"how to lower plaque levels"
"what phobia is fear of death"

Author — some random person


"Biggest sexiest woman in all of Iraq" got me pretty good

Author — Jacob


Legends said Bing Guy’s still waiting for the first person to come.

Author — s3ron (snooze)


6:00 I was shocked to see a police officer asking for the difference between a manequin and a human body :

Last week the police and the firefighters has been called on a small fire near a wood, they were told that apparently someone burned a manequin there. After a short inspection, they agreed it was a burned manequin and they discussed with the firefighters what to do and they finally decided to dispose of it in the police station's dumpster... 2 says after they found the vehicle of a missing person near the site of the fire and they finally add 2 and 2, go check the '' manequin'' only to realize it was a burned up body of a woman.

The coincidence is quite impressive!

Author — Vaccinium augustifolium


"What is bitcoin ?"
"Bitcoin market value"
"How to buy bitcoin ?"
"Unbuy bitcoin"
Sad story we got here.

Author — Amethyst


I really liked the tax evasion storyline. The cop search made it all the more funny

Author — Jintaro Kensei


I love how he gets more and more angry as the series goes on!

Author — CosmicSlayer99


Google be like: i’ve seen everything, i’ve done everything, i’ve heard everything. Can god defeat me? Yes, he can. Because i’ll die and i’ll be an AI

Author — Cam_Froppy


“In fact this one killed a lion”
Kid: *becomes irrationally scared of dentists*

Author — Penda