Chandrayaan 2 For Dummies: India's Moon Mission Simplified

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Chandrayaan 2 For Dummies: India's Moon Mission Simplified 4.5
India's second unmanned mission to the moon, Chandrayaan 2, is underway. The lander is set to land at the south pole of the moon on 7 September. We explain the basics of Chandrayaan 2's journey to the moon.

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Only one student in the class that too a dummy!!

Author — swapnil rajkhowa


Nicely explained with such ease that even 5 yr old or 100 yr old can understand and can explain to others good job..

Author — saurabh rai


Finally people are talking about right stuff. Whole nation is taking note.

Author — Sheshank Joshi


Well done! Entertaining, but could have inserted some photos of rocket, orbiter, rover, etc

Author — SKT


Wow if every teacher were like him then everyone would have score good marks

Author — gabru


Thanku so much to explanation this, i m too curious about this

Author — Khushboo Shivhare


It’s very sad that Chandrayaan 2 has lost contact and may have crashed 😩

Author — Josh T


Very nice way of explanation...keep it continues sir. With other topics

Author — Ranjeet Choudhary


Don't be disappointed bro this is indeed history to come so near to South pole. My best wishes and regards for you from Pakistan 👍👍💪😊

Author — Basit Khan


Wish you 'India' a very happy year 2024.

Author — Mohan Patelkhana


This vid. reminds me of College Days...#Organiser...



Yes, Moon landings are always jokes/ But who has been taken for a ride?

Author — Eugenius Williams


Nice n clear explanation...but what happens to the orbitor after going around moon for 1 or 2 years...can you pls

Author — Anita Devanhalli


Arey yaar.. NASA didn't take anyone to the moon.. technology is developed so much to know that. And no country is still able to reach "man on moon" using any technology.

And we INDIA is the the only country to try to land on South pole of the moon. No countries tried because of the risk. But INDIA took that risk.
We will get communication soon.. feel proud. And wait for it.

Author — zaheem schemnad


Thanks sir for this information
Please sir make next video science and technology



Actually now the orbiter works for a max of 8years..and the lander may have survived the crash.. jai hind and hail Sivan sir

Author — Ajay Martin


Really good explanation for dummies. Good work guys 👍👍👍✌️

Author — Arun Cheekolu


Guys thanks so much for explaining it the way you did!

Author — Aakash Narang


i dont know how many seeing this are from chemistry or physics
it is the kinda similar concept of
ionization energy in an "nucleus and electrons " arrangement .
its all about the energy and angular momentum conservation as per neils bohr . 🤣🤣
as when the energy increases the electrons(orbitor) jumps to higher orbits and as when the energy reaches to the ionization energy the electron(orbitor over here) gets ejected from the nucleus(earths orbit) . similiar concept .

Author — srihari vaila


Never mind just open a 7-11 so i can buy the first slurpy

Author — Milt Farrow