Who Is Jim Rouse?

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It is now 2020 and I am moving there and wanted to do some research. I am coming from NJ. 35:53 and a little bit before...these stories really have me floored, I had no clue that this area had so much rich history. I hope I can make my mark here as well.

Author — K Dubb


my grandma was married to a Rouse, Retha Mae Rouse i just want to know are we kin.

Author — Marnita Pruitt


Nota Bene: Most likely the Post Pandemic Baltimore Soiree will happen on the 21st of June 2021 at Cross Keys at 7pm at the interior plaza (outdoors) just below Jim’s old office which is currently occupied by Randy Sovich, AIA . Maybe some of the old architects and work associates, leasing folks and others whom knew Jim will show up too - who knows as the kosmos dredges up strange flotsam and jetsam from time to time…

Author — Craig Purcell