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From this video...

Tip #1 - Practice 5 minutes a day (to start)
Tip #2 - Lighter Strings/Lower Action
Tip #3 - Toughen up the finger pads
Tip #4 - Keep the guitar out where you can get to it
Tip #5 - Warm up
Tip #6 - Practice efficiently
Tip #7 - Keep it simple to fight discouragement

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The guitar is a 1965 Gibson Folksinger BTW. It's missing the lower pick guard.  It originally came with two, an upper and a lower probably because (say it with a crotchety old man voice) "these kids today are using these things called plectrums and scratching up the top of the guitar.  So let's glue two big pieces of plastic on the top to protect it."

Author — @TomStrahle


Hi Tom, I am an absolute beginner at 82 years old and my first guitar is arriving on Wenesday, I am determined to learn how to play it and your tips an encouragement and commonsense approach is just what I need, thanks a lot.

Author — @henrypearson4921


I’m 71 and recently retired and now have time on my hands to learn guitar having not picked one up for over 50 years.
Thanks for taking the time to post some valuable information for us older folks who want to start playing.
Great video 👍

Author — @tnewsteadbentham


I’m 43. I dedicated myself almost exactly a year ago to guitar, i can honestly say i have played almost every single day 30 mins - hours…. Mainly rocksmith, few tabs, YouTube videos. I got the fever…

Author — @ultimatepatriot


I've only been playing for a few months. The tips in this video are excellent. I might add the following advice to fellow rank beginners:
1) Be okay with the struggle. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn guitar. No secret there.
2) Play what feels fun at the time, otherwise practice can feel like a drag
3) Have an idea what you eventually want to play (solos, chords, finger picking, etc.). There're a so many different paths and so much to learn, but you don't need to know it all right now. Then, focus more on building the skills that will get you playing what you like, sooner.
4) View lessons and material from a variety of sources. Different folks, different strokes and such!

Author — @MarkAtherton-bf4pq


Good tips all. I would add "use a metronome" as another tip. If working on something and you make an error every time you get to a particular passage, run the metronome slow enough (no matter how slow that is) that you can play it successfully. Once you get there, speed up the metronome just a little and continue. When you raise it enough that you screw up, slow it down until you don't. I use this technique a lot, and I doubt most beginners even have a metronome.

Author — @michaelnelson3469


Those are all great tips Tom, I'm 60 years old and I'm picking up guitar for the 4th time, this time I'm determined to do it right and succeed, if I had YouTube when I was a young person and had access to people like you I would be a very accomplished guitar player by now, thanks for all you do.

Author — @rip.n.Rob.61


"They had to go to the bank" The most honest recognition that most full time musicians are always broke 🙂

The string gauge is a great tip. I use .007 or .008 on my electrics and .008 on my acoustic. Made a world of difference for me. If it works for BB, Billy Gibbons, and Yngwie then it can't be too bad. Also, anytime I am just sitting around, I tap the fingers on my fretting hand in different patterns. Great for finger independence and to get your fingers used to moving.

Author — @bkmeahan


I'm 61 and a beginner. My struggle is my hand position with a lot of the cords. It's like a full workout trying to get my hands to do what they need to do to produce a nice sound. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions!

Author — @janegarcia25


I’m a 44 year old mom & a second time beginner. I wish I had the focus and clarity of intent that I have now when I was young and had all of that time on my hands! These tips are fantastic, thank you!!

Author — @ambikaruna


I’m 75 and have been “playing” for about 5 months. Practice every day. Love to play. I try to challenge myself with cord progressions that are difficult. Don’t always succeed that day but there’s always tomorrow. I figure if I keep doing this I’ll have more tomorrows. I don’t do this to perform for anyone else but me. It keeps my mind and my fingers more nimble.

Author — @youngnc64


Big issues for older guitarists are health and injury. I have severe osteoarthritis in my hands and have had two finger joints replaced already. Bar chords are virtually impossible due to the limits of motion and the deformity caused by the arthritis. That said I hang in there, play daily and for long periods of time. I play and arrange for myself so that I can continue to create music. It helps me deal with life.

Author — @beverlywhite8433


I am 65 years old and have been playing guitar for over 50 years, definitely not a beginner. I appreciated this video, it is always good to go back to the basics and be reminded of the techniques and practices that started your journey.

Author — @dinodasbunce6224


Great advice and insight! I'm 68, and I've played all my life, with limited success. I just retired so I have more free time, but have procrastinated on picking up my guitar again out of fear of more frustration. Your video has inspired me. I really want to learn Bob Dylan's "If not for you" and surprise my wife Sharon when the moment is right. I can do minutes at a time! Thank you.

Author — @jimjozwik8725


Thanks, Tom! I stumbled on your channel while searching guitar tutorials on YouTube. Like many other viewers, I’m a retired beginner (age 69), and loving my introduction to the guitar. It’s been a journey thus far, and your tips are sincerely appreciated.

Author — @LivHard


When I was a kid taking lessons, I'd fumble through the lesson and I'd tell him that I got it right at home. He would always say, don't practice till you get it right, practice till you can't get it wrong. I've never forgotten and they're words I try to live by. Thanks for the excellent video Tom!

Author — @SteveAtkinsonFineArt


I started learning guitar a year ago at 60. Since being retired, I have the time. Took online lessons and You Tube. I found learning the main major chords early (C.A, G, E, D, Em, Am) and practicing those with an occasional simple riff helped toughen my finger tips. Stretching my old fingers and wrists helped. Be patient and practice regularly. It is a long process so don’t hurry! It will start being fun!

Author — @user-yx1rc9fc9i


Thanks for some great tips. I’m 46 and started learning a few weeks ago. By far the best tips for me have been to leave the guitar out in the living room and to set 5 min goals for practice. Those 5 mins turn into 30 every time!

Author — @bluerabbit7245


I'm 50 and my teacher had me write a list of 10 songs I would like to learn. The one she chose to teach me was "Won't back down" Tom Petty. It true, learning to play a simpler song is a huge ego boost and keeps you interested in playing! Thanks for the tips!

Author — @stevenschafer4216


I appreciate your advice. I am an older beginner (68.) I played a little when I was younger but never gave it the effort needed. I am now determined to learn this instrument. I think your advice is priceless. Thank you, and I will keep watching for more invaluable nuggets of wisdom. By the way, I bought a Martin guitar and that made all the difference.

Author — @dickevans6601