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Top 10 Knockouts of 2018 | PFL - Professional Fighters League 4.5
Professional Fighters League came out swinging with some incredible knockouts during its inaugural regular season, playoffs, and championship in 2018. Relive some of the best knockouts of the year, featuring Josh Copeland, Ray Cooper III, Alex Nicholson, and 2018 PFL Middleweight Champion Louis Taylor.

The PFL 2019 season comes to ESPN2 and ESPN+ starting Thursday, May 9.

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I like how the an ounce says "caught him right on the chin". As it shows the replay & he's getting blasted as far away from the chin & still being on the head AKA the forhead.

Author — garrock uthgar


Zeferino got a Maori Ta Moko wtf never earnt that the clown where we come from.

Author — Painter Renovator


Nice compilation, but didn't really need 27 replays of each knockout.

Author — South Street Barbecue


6:30 sounded like he got facefucked. Uhh😩

Author — Thier petersen



Me when the Modelos hit: 7:10

Author — Edgar Soto


Last guy takes a strike to the side of his head.

Announcer: “right to his chin!”

Author — Texas Lottery Fun


Damn the way he landed on him after the knee was perfect.

Author — Steven Ramos


number 10 is worst reff in the world :D

Author — furkan timebet


I like these. Straight to the point. No crazy ass editing or music.

Author — Shiftey Greig


Nicholson jumping knee could see that coming and he still ducked his head into 🤦‍♂️ what a scrub

Author — Tristan Max


6;22 ray cooper i could hear his jaw snap and the ref ran to save him

Author — charlie west


No 3 the guys face was like, “Dude, you get the license plate?”

Author — Carl Gois


Get a great knockout then immediately discount it and look like an ass by standing over your opponent like some sort of troglodyte, nice real classy.

Author — Morris Broom


nicholson vs copeland, fight in a un pub a 3 am :)

Author — chris tam


These guys getting in shots after the other guy is clearly knocked out is wrong.

Author — Matthew Howell


3:45 that right ankle worried me, Jesus Christ

Author — Davide Talarico


#6 is like a remake of paquiao KO hatton..same move

Author — Vagne Ryan Tio


Wow...Ray Cooper lll is got the hands he got the ref 2 😳

Author — Jack Le Ripper


Anybody thinks Cooper is no different to Palhares? My God, , that guy shoud at least be disqualified from a match for not obeying referees, , , and there is no doubt, with someone like Keith Peterson

Author — Lorin SU


I guess that first ref was scared Or something

Author — Dwight Chase