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Syria: Seven years of war explained - BBC News 4
The war in Syria has now lasted for seven years.

Although its roots lie in peaceful protests against the government, it has become something much more complex.

Joe Inwood explains who is fighting whom and why,

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Care to explain how these "rebels" got their arms?

Author — Nabil Niloy


Syria has been suffering from nothing more than a political facade. Innocent civilians don’t deserve this.

Author — Ridita Rahman


Terrible. Many children have been suffering every single day for 7 years. They don't deserve that. Take a closer look at those pictures.

Author — Daniel Bazalar


Don't bullshit and say America is only allied with Kurds, but USA flag next to the "moderate rebels" and ISIS too.

Author — GComparizon


Its all for Greater Israel. Nothing more

Author — Mr. Don't Give a Fuck


The BBC’s version of history is such a joke !! And a complete betrayal of their charter and licence fee payers

Wars are all a business to get resources

Stop paying the bbc for lies

Author — Alan Tracy


western propaganda doesn't'work anymore.

Author — CooL BroTheR


In short the world powers make Syria a Football ground and they are playing a brutal game in which Syrian people are crushed by, and rest of the world are enjoying their

Author — Haneef Sheikh


And the BBC supported ISIS and Al Qaeda by claiming they are moderate militants. Also there is a big war in the Yemen yet the BBC doesn't really cover that.

Author — fredo1070


All this border made by British after wwi by breaking ottoman empire, so they can create Israel.
And most irony is I'm watching BBC.

Author — Joseph Campbell


The real story is Qatar wanted to run a gas pipeline through Syria but assad said no, he was going to use a Russian pipeline. All this war and death because of gas.

Author — Spyder


This started when Qatar announced its intention to build a natural gas pipeline through Syria into Europe...

Author — Terry Tater


Peaceful protests became a war? And destroyed their cities and killed many children? Sad.

Author — Kyota Tsushima


Would be nicer if a proper expert explained it rather than a second rate bbc journalist .

Author — pablo9364


Seven years Israel and the USA have been trying to tear Syria apart as Iraq was, Libya was, Yemen was and most of Syria has been. There are no rebels, there are on;y mercenaries that form proxy armies of Israel and the US. Of course there have also been interventions by other western powers, all wanting to take down Assad and replace him with a Israeli puppet. What you are hearing here are lies to make Assad and his allies look bad.

Author — Life's truths


there isn't anything true...why are you lying?!!

Author — Hadi Abbas


I was watching this then I realised it was the BBC

Author — CIA cia


Peaceful protests?  You mean the ones that shot at the SAA in Daraa, the ones that caused the deaths of 80+ soldiers in March of 2011 and the ones that opened fire on the police at Homs?  Brutal crackdown?  Would the US or British governments have acted any differently in a similar situation in their countries?

Author — agitbeats


what's happened to the humanity, where's the honor, where's loyalty, why are they doing this, innocent people are dying there among those brutual Rulers, plz stop...

Author — Only HD Movies


Who provoked ppl for a protest then into a civil war in order to make Syria a failed state ?
Led Syria into sectarian violations as it's a strategy of CIA's operating
Americans r responsible
American state Secretary said they're the ally of isis in Syria

Author — M.Hasnain Rehmat