SELF-HEATING Instant Chinese Spicy HOT POT - add water & watch it heat itself like an MRE

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SELF-HEATING Instant Chinese Spicy HOT POT - add water & watch it heat itself like an MRE 5

This instant hot pot kit contains 7 different packets including lotus root, noodles, tofu, wood-ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean curd skin, and konjac to make a hot pot that heats ITSELF. See how it works and how it tastes. Thanks so much, Matthew for sending this to me and for making this episode possible.

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This video is NOT sponsored. Just eating hot pot.

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Hey Emmy. I just wanted to let you know the joy your videos bring me. I'm chronically ill and spend more of the year in the hospital than out of it. And while I watch a broad range of videos to keep myself from going nuts locked in a 10x5 room for months on end I don't think any of it can really compare to your content. You bring such a warm and inviting feeling to your videos that few other Youtubers have and it's something of a morale booster when you start feeling like everything is shit in life. So, thanks is what I'm saying I guess.

Author — Goldenkitten1


WHY ISN'T THIS A THING IN NORTH AMERICA?!?!? It would be amazing for camping!!! 🤯

Author — CherryCherry Five


Emmy can you please do a series about food you can cook in a microwave. I just moved to my college dorm and have struggled with only having a microwave to cook in as I love cooking and eating.

Aside from that I love your videos and you’re amazing!!

Author — Cristina Vergara


Lotus fruit looks like a sliced up loofah

Author — Estrella Hermosillo


i keep imagining how fun it must be for her children to come home each day and get to try the leftover new foods

Author — clolton


I misread the title as "Self Hating" and then i got really confused

Author — Siun Madness


For Chinese, I recommend using Baidu to translate. It’s an app developed by a company in China and is widely use in there, so the translate from Chinese to English is better

Author — Potato【我是土豆】


I don't know why I like torturing myself by watching videos like this on an empty stomach 😅

Author — Clout Ramen


I've never had lotus root.
Looks Very Cool.

Author — EZGlutenFree


These are soooo good!!! And so convenient. Really good for people going camping or living in dorms. Don’t drink the broth though!

Author — TokiYuYu


Wow! This would be wonderful to give out to homeless people

Author — howtopasstime


6:17 hearing that alarm made me physically sick for a sec🤢

Author — Loopy Adrian


.... *downloads google translate* cuz where have I been 😂 that was so cool

Author — BombBeauty


This brand reminds me of the instant ramen thats supposed to give you the feel of being a "master chef". Similar ingredients and packaging. I forget the name but it has a big X on it.

Author — Blair Venge


One of the things that makes your videos so great is that you thoroughly describe the taste and texture of the food. Most people just prepare the food but don't describe the experience of eating it. Ain't nobody got time to try a recipe when they have no idea what the finished product will be like. You describe things so well that we can tell exactly what things taste and feel like. There's no ambiguity when you talk about a "vegetal jelly cartilaginous crunch". 😁😁😁❤

Author — kumada84


Thought the title said “self-HATING” and was concerned.

Author — Chelsea Henderson


I think someone ate one of those things in a hotel in Germany. Triggered off the fire alarm. The firefighters came. The poor guy got fined. Expensive meal !

Author — 1000yop


i don't think i've ever been this happy about a product. hot pot always means R.I.P. freezer space. BUT NO MORE!

Author — Moxie Beast


Emmy, I always watch your videos when I’m stoned and you never fail to make me so happy. You’re like my bob ross, you’re so sweet and I love my munchies dreams vicariously through you

Author — Sonya Kate


Emmy I think you should try a diy hotpot video I think it would be a great video.

Author — Danial Queen