Interracial Couples Talk Hair: 'Weaves, Bonnets, & More' | VH1

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Interracial Couples Talk Hair: 'Weaves, Bonnets, & More' | VH1 5

Interracial couples share their thoughts on natural hair, weaves, and helping your spouse cut out their twists.

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My roommate is from China and WHEW she learned a lot this year about black people and our hair. She thinks my bonnet is the cutest thing and calls it a "cute cap" so I got her a matching one for her birthday lol. She uses it when she sleeps now even though she doesn't need it lollll

Author — Chaeyoung's gf


"I'm doing my tracks."
"oh, you rap?"
That part had me dyinggg!

Author — Earthtwo Ra


“White people want to touch your hair at all cost” 😂😂😂 she said this to her white gf

Author — Little Flower


"Im doing my tracks..I'm like oh you rap?" IM

Author — Dae Dae


The first time my fiance saw my hair bonnet he was like "Awww you look like an artist." Never heard that one before haha!

Author — Deja Roy


I wish BW would realize that tying our hair at night is actually queen sh!t. Our hair is so delicate that we have to wrap it in silk and satin while we rest/sleep. That's queen sh!t!!!

Author — KhaoticKim


That lesbian couple is so cute, imma die.

Author — oof


My husband used to perm my hair. He would even tap me on the top of my head if I moved like Grandma used to do!🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was like...hold on now! Hell! He was a tyrant with that perm brush. Lol. But he did a great job. Better than me. People never believed that he did it because he's white but he did. I wear it natural now. He tries to run that too. I suspended his hair duties. He'll be alright.🙌🙌😎🤣🤣🤣💯💯

Author — moonewitch


The lesbian couple is so relatable. I feel the black girl 100%

Author — Laine Vert


I like the engage couple Cassandra and Kieth they look so deeply inlove with each other and I just noticed that everytime Cassandra speakss Keith will look at her and listen to her while she's talking and that is so sweet.

Author — LoveMe,com


one comb... how in the world are y'all sharing the same comb

Author — CrazyPerfection


One of the most frat boy bros in my office is married to an African American woman. His ease at flipping the conversation from sports stats to box braids was what made make an effort to be his friend.

Author — Luke Thomas


Listen, if someone helps me in unbraid my hair, I love them. No matter what color 😜

Author — kompafan


"cuz I like being Extra" 😂😂😂😂😂💀

Author — Julie D


HAHA I LOVE the lesbian couple they are hilarious

Author — Lala lalala


She need to buy a better weave if she worried about water bruh

Author — MsJustSayin


"She talks about tracks...and I'm like 'oh, you rap?" LMAO

Author — Ms.Bubs4fun


I love this 😩😍‼️ I couldn't stop laughing 😂😭. He said " She wears shower caps everywhere 😩😭😭😩" she said " it's a bonnet 😩😭😭" they are so cute to me

Author — MarvelousMartha


When my husband and I first got together and he saw me in my bonnet for the first time he was like "oh babe you're about to go take a shower?" lmao i was like no I'm going to bed. lmao 😂 Fast foward we've been married for 6 years with 3 beautiful children and he helps me take down my box braids! Lol

Author — Alexus Carpenter


the lesbian couple is cracking me up 😂

Author — mystical Being