He Had to Take the MCAT 4 Times, But He Got Into Med School | Mission: Accepted S1 E1

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

We break down the full AMCAS application of a successful med school applicant, who overcame multiple Cs in organic chemistry, 3 MCAT retakes, a misdemeanor, and multiple application cycles before he got his acceptance to med school.

Mission: Accepted features successful med school applicants. We dive into their full applications, looking at specifically what worked well, along with what they could've done even better.

Our student this week applied as a nontraditional student. He knew he wanted to be a doctor early on, but he kept postponing, took a gap year, and knew he still wasn't ready to apply.

He first applied during grad school. Then after an unsuccessful application cycle, he did a premed postbac in his hometown. Eventually he ended up getting accepted to medical school there!

We discuss things like:

• What it felt like to finally get accepted to medical school.
• What improved in his application between his unsuccessful and successful attempts.
• How better storytelling improved his application.
• Why he was considering quitting after this application cycle (if he didn't get in).
• How he dealt with a misdemeanor from a speeding ticket on his application.
• What led him to get quite a few Cs throughout college, including in o-chem (twice!).
• Why he took a premed postbac AFTER his public health graduate program.
• How he got a 4.0 GPA in his postbac program.
• What it was like discussing his GPA in interviews (3.23 sGPA, 3.58 cGPA).
• How I'd recommend discussing past bad grades in your med school essays.
• Why your MCAT score doesn't need to be perfect but merely "good enough"
• His biggest tip for improving your MCAT score.
• How he could've documented his "clinical research coordinator" position better to illustrate the shadowing side of it.
• His unusual choice of major for a premed student.
• How he blew a big opportunity at the beginning of his personal statement.
• My full critique of his personal statement—what he did well, and what he could've done better.
• How he prepared for virtual medical school interviews.

Overall, this student illustrates that you don't need to be a perfect premed. If you do the key things well enough, and if you tell your story well, you can absolutely get into medical school with a below-average MCAT and some Cs on your transcript!

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Very refreshing to see a non stellar O chem'er accepted. Speaking as an old timer attending I personally never knew how Ochem made one a better clinician

Author — s96822


This was starting to feel like an episode of application renovation at points 😂

Author — Ryland Spence


Hi Dr. Gray! Saw that this podcast guest had all of their LoRs from MDs... Do you think the background of the letter writer matters or not so much? I know DO schools usually ask for at least 1 DO letter. It's not impossible to achieve at least 1 DO/MD LoR but I was curious if you thought them having all 3 from MDs might have had any impact on their interview offer?

Author — Payton Mitten


Oh my god the exact same thing happened to me! I applied two cycles and never got an interview but I finally got an interview this cycle. : )

Author — Robin Skaf


I have a misdemeanor for driving without a license on my person (I did have one at the time but it was at home). I reported it both times I applied and no one asked about it in interviews.

Author — Kirsten


I came here because I have an o chem final tomorrow. I don't want to go to medical school though

Author — Marbs


He seems so kind and down to earth. So proud of him for making it through after all the hard work! He'll make a great physician one day.

Author — Deborah Ramirez


Congratulations! And glad to see the new "Mission: Accepted" series has begun!😎

Author — MedCat ✔️


Looking for comments about his low stats.... He got into medical school and is not URM....go figure

Author — C SD


Ochem is the reason I'm applying to a master's program first 😫😂 I love orgo, but I hate that I don't understand mechanisms. But no way I'm giving up even at 35 years old(super nontraditional) glad he didn't give up either! I'm wondering if there's a video on graduate personal statements

Author — M Money


dude i literally am strugglling with the same thing ochem nomenclature and all feels familiar then you block out the NMR, SN/E rxns and literally everything after the first midterm :( my final for ochem-1 is tomorrow prayers needed (i really need this semeter to end)

Author — Tasnim


YESSSS!!! The series we have all been waiting for! Thank you for these videos, Dr. Gray!!

Author — rsf13


I needed this today! Thank you! I was just about to give on myself.

Author — Claire1234


Wow amazing persistence! Never any shame in waiting until ready.

Author — MikeFeldmeierMD


I got a B in Ochem II but most of my prerequisites are As. Unfortunately my degree is chemical engineering so the rest of my GPA is a little lower than average for matriculants.

Author — KMP


Congrats! I have a similar story so I appreciate your hard work! Best of luck!

Author — Sean Stephens


Was looking forward to this series. Great video!! Congrats!!

Author — Jacob Harris


Congrats! This is awesome! Proves that keeping your eye on the prize matters. #SimTribe

Author — Sim_Aware


I already love this series. Keep it up! <3

Author — CoMo plays Destiny


Great job! Keep working hard, and you will be a great Doc!!!

Author — Phillip Steiner