Suu Kyi defends Myanmar against Rohingya genocide charge - News Review

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Suu Kyi defends Myanmar against Rohingya genocide charge - News Review 5
Myanmar's acting leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, will appear at a UN hearing in The Hague to defend Myanmar's actions towards thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled Myanmar in 2017. Dan and Catherine teach you the language the media is using to discuss this story.
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The story
The International Court of Justice in The Hague will shortly begin hearing a case brought by The Gambia accusing Myanmar of genocide. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar in 2017 when the Burmese army launched a bloody campaign against them. Myanmar's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, is in the Netherlands to lead the defence.


makes (something) stronger

• A government-run community project often bolsters community spirit and morale.
• Her time helping the villages has bolstered their opinion of her as a doctor.

ray of hope
small signal that things will improve

• No matter how difficult a situation is, there's always a ray of hope.
• This final legal appeal offers a last ray of hope in this difficult court case.

moment of reckoning
time when past mistakes or crimes must be dealt with

• Returning home, the thief knew there would be a moment of reckoning.
• After months building a case, the moment of reckoning arrived for the defendant.Language challenge

Which adjective means 'actual, but not official'?

a) de trutho
b) de facto
c) de deduco
d) de actualo

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All people around the world countries, been attacked by jihadists, would understand how jihadists trigger the problem roots and then pretend to play as fake victims.

Go ask those indochinese who live in indochina countries ( like in Indonesia, malaysia), been attacked or abused and killed by jihadists. Those indochinese will tell you how jihadists slaughtered them and how many indochinese people killed or abused in the past time.

Author — Inner Peace


Gambia big earn from Western and OIC country.

Author — TL Mung


The parents should always bolster their own children

After a long treatment, the doctor gave us a ray of hope.

Before closing the pharmacy, there is always the moment of reckoning.

Author — Paolo Saracino


This is how you differentiate between distinguish Nobel peace recipient with other Nobel peace recipients.

Righteousness is better than wrongfully trying to please or mislead many for self interest popularity than stand one's ground.

Author — Neo Smith


Get your facts checked and make sure you expose those people trying to make money off the struggling nations (instead of spreading Fake News). Why isn't anyone & the UN betting an eye on those families in separate cages at the Mexican-US border? For once, big public gatherings in Myanmar that don’t involve the military whipping out their guns.

First of all, Aung San Su Kyi isn’t the president of 🇲🇲. Myanmar citizens barely have their rights. There’s barely any justice on the ground. How can a terrorized country be accused of committing genocide? How can Aung San Su Kyi, who doesn’t have much power over the military party, to fix everything the other party does for hundreds of years since her father was assassinated? Her own law advisor was assassinated a few years ago (presumably by the military).
In this Bengali (Rohingya) case: all the oppositions’ accusations to this Noble Peace Prize Winner are like “you’re a surgeon, why don’t you operate on yourself?” Because she Can’t ? She’s doing all she can for the terrorists & the victims from BOTH sides (Myanmar & Bangladesh). Myanmar took on many refugees and helped them. But, if the refugees get involved with terrorists and rape Myanmar women, the military would get involved and abuse their power to "calm the riots". ASSK has nothing to do with the decisions. And also, Religion has nothing to do with this. They had no proof that Buddhists committed this. That was also a publicity stunt the Bangladesh terrorists made in the earlier times of this case to deter the truth from coming out.

Where was the world court when Myanmar people were the true victims of genocides and injustice?

Please share the unbiased new clips in the English language so that the rest of the world can hear the truths!!

#rohingya #myanmar #WeStandWithAungSanSuKyi #WhereIsJustice #Justice

Author — Morgan Naing


Great topic to discuss and great vocabularies for the topic. Thank you.

Author — mckoy lach


Great work Myanmar stopping the foreign invading radicals from causing terror. She should get another Nobel prize.

Author — Knot Gordo


Muito obrigado por este vídeo.thank you every much for Thais vídeo.

Author — Jose Ferreira


Thank you for the video.
If Dan could lower the microphone a little bit, it would be much better for the audience.

Author — Amira Samy


thank bbc learning english so much!.
can you help me! i would like to learn about intonation, how to link words and sentence stress
because my language is syllable timed, so it's so difficult when i speak.

Author — Ngoc Ngoc


UN chief says it is time of reckoning of powerfully nations to avoid conflicts.

Peace talks between government and terrorist groups give Ray of hope to nation.

New trade deals bolester company's financial strength

Author — pradeep kaushal


Hello to both of you
Thanks for your video. Given the comments beside, that story is beginning to interest me and I am going to look into it. In France, we have so many problems right now that I forget to look around me.. Everytime, you speak about an interesting and current topic.. You gives us a ray of knowledge. ...

Author — Brigitte saint-pé


excellent as usual. The way Mr Dan gave example is very easy for peoople to understand <3 Best

Author — Nguyen Minh Thao


Love you both and your great explanation

Author — Huda Alattar


why are you spending so long explaining the word bolster... does it need that much explanation...

Author — Man Dem


I really surprise where will the cruel ones run away at the day of reckoning???

Author — Humaira Kakar


BBC learning English should teach some vocabularies like, “Myanmar has suffered the direct or indirect consequences of the colonization of the British and divisive actions on the central region and hilly regions or far flung areas just before Myanmar gained its independence from the British. The immigration problem (especially immigrants from Bangladesh) is one of these.
Meaning of Colonization, consequence, independence, immigration .... .... 🤭

Author — Aung Oo


Madam, Defination of genocide not necessarily just murder.

Author — My name is Nobody


UK's election bolster the brexit stance, it gave a ray of hope to public, this is the moment of reckoning for PM Boris Johnson to take firm action for brexit deal.

Author — Qasir Iqbal


I from India 1st time view your video . I'm a English learner beginner please suggest me how to watch all video's of the channel. Thanks BBC Team

Author — Neelesh Patel