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This character is terrible, and I want to die! Let me teach you how to play this god-awful character, though, because at least it's kinda fun I guess.

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"A sad, pathetic man that *hits like a goddamn truck."*

That's exactly why I main Little Mac.

Author — This Guy


He protecc,
he attacc,
But most importantly,
He little mac

Author — Zomboss 800


Me, a Little Mac main, at the intro:
Sheds single tear
*I'm not gonna say you're wrong*

Author — World’s Smartest Dumbass


Reasons to main Little Mac:
You love Punch Out
He’s a sad pathetic man that hits like a freaking truck
You wanna prove tier lists wrong
*you want Weegee to make like Marth & Captain Falcon’s Up specials fused together off of Spongebob’s birthplace & Dolphin Dive off a highway*

Author — Poly Bent


I tell ya, guys. Life’s hard as a Little Mac main.

Author — Krazy Jay


Honestly I love how Little Mac is the only ACTUAL HUMAN BEING and yet he has the balls to go up to the King of Evil himself Ganondorf, and then grab onto him before punching Ganon's face in.

Author — Loving Ryza


As a little mac main, i can tell you that little mac is actually really strong against steve

Author — Cactus Dip


I was going to make a boxing joke.
but i forgot the punchline

Author — Haaẃiiʔił


Even 4 years later in a new smash title, this videos information applies flawlessly

Author — Jack Michael Osorio


You know for someone who doesn’t have his own show or video game weegee has the best lines ever

Author — Michael Demiurgos45


I am a mac main and i don't like it when people make fun of him but i am laughing so hard

Author — Vicki Leversedge


4:00 have you ever heard little macs coach say "The fist is stronger then the sword" so cloud heard that and said let's test that and made the biggest sword he possible could without breaking his limbs from the weight of it

Author — Gabe The Babe


As a Mac player, I find this rather accurate, and pretty funny.
Especially the brain damage part, I went up against a Bayo, and as the age old proverb that went from "A skilled Roy can beat any Fox" turned into "A skilled Mac can beat any Bayo."

Author — Shady [FS] VA style.


"Rules of nature " killed me

Author — Gerardo Ruan


*Just remember that little mac is the closest character to a human in this game.*

Author — Axl_is_Filth


Hey, come on... he’s one of the main characters that I learned to use. Plus his speed and strength really helps against slow tanks. And yea he can’t really recover from being tossed off the stage. But I believe it’s a great way to teach beginners how to shield or dodge strategically. But whatever, everyone loves their own character so, I can’t change your mindset :T

Author — Axel Blackwood


Even if he can’t really jump he makes up for it with his powerful punches and his fast feet

Author — Remy the Rat


Damn that roast at the start is going to leave some people butthurt. I'mma grab my popcorn and wait in the comments

This gon get juicy

Author — CreepsMcPasta


I laughed the whole time. Me being a lover of lil Mac this is awesome

Author — Mudshrooze


But I enjoy playing as little Mac... sure I might loose a lot and win once in a while, but it’s all about having fun.

Author — Yel Low