What's The Best Beef Jerky? Taste Test

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What's The Best Beef Jerky? Taste Test 5

Today, we're figuring out which jerky is best! GMM #1757

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💬 Comments on the video

Rhett looks like his whole diet consists of strictly beef jerky

Author — IowaHates Danan


Fun Fact: This is the most expensive episode of GMM they've ever produced.

Author — Speekeasy


I enjoy the fact the one that clearly said "grass fed" on the front of the bag was the one that ended up in the "ass fed" ranking.

Author — J T


“You’ve been jerkin without me” THAT’S going on a fanfic

Author — Agustín Rodriguez


Rhett is slowly transforming into a Hippie Boy Scout leader talking about his love for trees and wood.
Link is slowly transforming into his dad... which is just Link but older.

Author — TnT FoX


Haven’t watched the show for a while but DAYUM they both got fine-ass hair

Author — Olivier Vermin


I've spent so many hours of my life watching these men eat food

Author — Rx Skrilla


I do believe that these men are acknowledging that their audience consists of a number of people over 18. I'm digging it.

Author — Kendra Brecka


Kinda upset they didnt call one of the ranks „At least they dried“

Author — Marsl Hild


The difference between GMM and GMMore:

GMM: UltiMaTe BeEF JerKy TAstE TEsT
GMMore: Touch my body... (with a slim Jim) challenge ;)

Author — Lyric Master


Jerky taste test with no Old Trapper? We need to talk about that.

Author — Slash Macleod


Beef jerky should come with a little pack of toothpicks in the bag.

Author — Light T


Me, a vegetarian: hmmm I feel like I need to know this information even though I will never use it

Author — Sam


“You been jerkin’ it without me?!”
way to fuel the fanfics, Rhett.

Author — Ashley Marie


Beef jerky: almost $10 also beef jerky: 90% air

Author — Ciara Sexton


- „It tastes like beef from taco bell!“ - „Aaaand?“

Author — Maximiliane Bauer


We just watch two guys eat beef jerky for 10+ minutes 😂

Author — John 999 4L


How are y’all just not gonna include old trapper like that 😓

Author — Kyle


I just wish Jerky wasn’t so darn expensive ! I can easily eat a whole pack that costs like $16 CAD.

Author — Christopher


Hands down the best jerky is a brand called "old trapper"

Author — Sawyer Smith