For Cameron

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For Cameron 5
You mean everything to us💕


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He never got married
He never had children
But he put a smile on billions of kid's hearts. 😭

Автор — 올리비아-Liv


C aring
A mazing
M emorable
E nthusiastic
R eward
O ptimistic
N ever Forgotten

Автор — Lucas Coronel


He played Luke in Jessie

He played Carlos in Descendents

He played Conor in Gamer Guide

But the best person he played was himself as Cameron Boyce

Автор — Marcs F


“Why do the lights that shine the brightest burn out the soonest?” ~SpongeBob❤️

R.I.P Cameron💙 You will be missed by millions of people.

Автор — N.A.I 2005


Whoever the 14k people that disliked are, you da worst.... you sad.

Автор — fast as fudge boi


Most of the kids now know him as Carlos from descendants but I know him as Luke from Jessie 😭

Автор — Olivia G


The fact that people will dislike this, that just breaks my heart

Автор — CodeName_IV


am i the only one thats still grieving.

Автор — Eman Imran


Why would someone dislike this? There’s nothing to not like.

Автор — Angie Criswell


If they don’t at least mention Cameron on rewind 2019
He affected so many people in our world, he deserves to be honored in a special way in 2019

Автор — Marvelfan14 !


be happy he was here,
And not sad that he’s gone,
He put a smile on our faces,
And let’s not forget he was
a warrior fighting epilepsy.

r.i.p. you’ll forever be in our hearts
Rest easy baby boy 😇

Автор — TL


Me: Hey hero close you're eyes
Cameron: Why?
Me:Just do it pls
Cameron: Ok
Me: What do you see?
Me: Thats the world without you

Rest legend you will be forever missed and in our hearts ❤❤❤

Автор — Haley Arroyo


Like my parents always say, “Not all Hero’s wear capes.” Such as Cameron 😇
He is an angel in our heart, soul, words, actions and more...
He is the light in the dark and the heart in us all...
May he lie in peace and have a wonderfull after life...
Amen.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

R.I.P Cameron Boyce, 1999-2019...

Dear Cameron,
Although we never met, talked or saw each other in person...
I’ve heard millions of people that adore and love you...
Sadly your life was short and every second you had was worth millions...
When loosing someone who is kind, funny, loving ect if very hard...
As loosing anyone for that matter... Is hard...
But we all get over it and still keeps you in our hearts..
Thanks Cameron for making my childhood worth it all...

Love from, Lily ❤️

Автор — Imperial_ Lily


Don’t cry because it’s over,
Smile because it happened.

-Ludwig Jacobowski

R.I.P our angel

Автор — moonxtte


Imagine the health of his parents when they found out he died

Автор — tHE GiRL WhO wiLl hAUnT YoU


I really wish Cameron Boyce hadn't died in that time.

Rest in peace, Cameron Boyce!
We may miss you forever, but you will never be forgotten.

Автор — Yvo Abad


I miss Cameron, even when he did something wrong, he still put a smile on all of our faces....

Автор — milky milkshake


1:30 look how happy he is when he made her laugh

God bless him in heaven

Автор — Ronan Mcveigh


The 14k people who disliked it were just crying and couldn’t see the like button



Don’t ask who’s here in 2019
We never left

Автор — Mylynne