'You start with such high hopes': Inside Italy hospital at epicentre of virus outbreak

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'You start with such high hopes': Inside Italy hospital at epicentre of virus outbreak 5

In Bergamo, which is close to the Alps, it's thought fatalities could be double previous estimates. The reason - because so many elderly patients died untested at home.

The outbreak was first detected in the town of Alzano Lombardo, where filmmaker Francesca Tosarelli has been documenting the struggle facing hospital staff and grieving families who have been unable to say goodbye properly to their loved ones.

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The Cleaners and Porters are as usual the invisible part of the Health service, never mentioned never thanked but if you don't scrub every inch of a hospital hundreds of thousands would die every week so I guess they have the most important job in the service but are the least paid and appreciated.

Author — Morris Johns


Without the honesty, the transparency of the Italians, the global situation would be much worse. Italy 🇮🇹 is owed every gratitude and respect for the lives it has saved by direct medical care, and indirectly by warning the world.

Author — ALMARC


This are the people that deserve millions of dollars not those arrogant soccer players. Thank you our medical heroes

Author — morpheus of the endless


Respect to all the medical staff who are fighting this virus around the world.

Author — Tobi L


Italian health service is just incredible!!

Author — doktormilton manson666


My heart is with you Italy.
Love from England

Author — Ky xo


Thank you Italy. For warning the whole WORLD. Grazie dalla Turchia🇹🇷

Author — heygidihey


“She was always smiling up until she got the virus” hits hard

Author — Dre Brito


My heart goes out to the people of Italy 🇮🇹

Author — Kalob Kathcart


"WE DID EVERYTHING TO KEEP HER ALIVE"..., that got me so bad.

Author — Prince Lenny


They can't even see their loved ones after they die.THAT'S THE REAL PAIN

Author — Abdi Mohamed


Mon Dieu ! Pauvre Italie, que Dieu vous garde ! Courage l'Italie. 👏👏👏👏

Author — johan day


Italy's people are so strong and face adversity bravely

Author — michael jackson


A lot of love and respect to ITALIAN, from Iran

Author — h 7


The day has finally arrived when medical staff and even the hospital cleaners are recognised as the true heroes of society.
While the self centred narcissist movie star who makes 50 million dollars per movie, or the egocentric Music star is relegated to the lowest rung on the social ladder of relevance.
The age of celebrity worship is hopefully gone, now that we’re all on the same boat, in the same storm.

Author — Peter Wrench


To the person that reading this... even though I dont know you or never seen you i wish you all the best in life and if you can please smile

Author — Ashik Rahman


in Italy doctors nurses dont quit they keep on fighting

Author — yxng txny


😭😭😭❤️🙏 Stay strong Italy 🇮🇹 my prayers goes out to you all.

Author — Dora Yantz


They are so so brave these beautiful angels working to keep us alive. I'm ex forces and I would give these people my medals because I am not worthy compared to them. Let us never forget what they are doing for us!

Author — Bob UK


we love our Italian doctors and nurses: ) all will be well. stay strong, Italia.

Author — raven scott