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Clueless Cats | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2017 | The Pet Collective 5

From funny cats trying to figure out how a faucet works, cats who think they're trapped in a tape circle, to funny cats trying to fit into small bowls, these are just a few of the clueless cats you'll find in this clueless cats video compilation.

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What goes on in the cat brain is an eternal mystery

Author — Private Idaho


Finally a compilation that is actually funny and no animal abuse 🤗😂

Author — Abigail Raven


Friend: what ya watching?

Me: oh I’m just watching a cat beat the hell out of a treadmill

Author — MegHam


anyone else think the black and white cat in front of the mirror was starting to get it? Like "oh, is that.... it couldn't be, is

Author — wolfie498


the treadmill cats are hilarious 😂 😂 😂 😂 cant stop laughing

Author — Lucky lucky


The one with the flower on its head looks so hilariously terrified xD

Edit: wow thank you for the likes!

Author — SirenOfTheAbyss


I think I’ve binge watched the whole of the internet since Corona quarantine- literally all my video suggestions are 2 years and older 🤔

Author — Krate


Youtube really whipping The Cats out THIS early in the pandemic? We all here it's only week 4 did timmy's algorithm well run dry??

Author — Gwen Gorman


2:07 perfect example of if I fits I sits

Author — The serial Bunny


7:23 me when someone asks me about my future 🤣🤣😂

Author — Ishita Kumari Samanta


The little girl singing to the cat and putting a flower on it is priceless!

Author — larry ball


2:22 when you're at a party and the only one you know leaves you

Author — Iza Steffers


First I thought "wow, cats are easily entertained"

And then I realized I just watched a 7 minute video of cats doing nothing.

Author — Carl Lazarraga


5:00 - 6:50 The first clip in years that made me cry so hard from laughter. I've probably watched this 10x now.

Author — KiemPlant


Some of these cats aren’t clueless.
They’re *woke*

Author — d00bZubElEk


2:10 the mysterious and rare potted cat plant, only found in ancient bed 😂

Author — gacha_ demons


2:29 when the acid kicks in on the middle of the club dancefloor 🤣

Author — Sasha Peggues


Step 1: pause the video
Step 2: 0:45
Step 3: Screenshot it
Step 4: make it your wallpaper
Step 5: pErFectIoN

Author — Help_me.


0:25 that one made me laugh way to hard XD

Author — Aggelos M


3:17 everycat gangsta till that dumb one finds out it’s a mirror

Author — AssAssiN PlaYZ Gaming!