World Chess Championship GAME 2 RECAP!

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World Chess Championship 2021 Game 2 between, Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi

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This game was finished 25 minutes ago. You already made a 25 minutes video, what a legend! Love your content Levy

Author — DarthNihilus


just one detail - Magnus didn't sac the exchange, he blundered the exchange. All comentators were surprised, Nepo was shocked by this move and after the game Magnus himself said explicitly that he missed that knight move completely and that it was not intentional.

Author — Igor Bednarski


There is no way I would have even the slightest chance of understanding the strategies behind their moves without your incredibly good recaps. Best chess content and creator on YouTube, period.

Author — Stewart Johnson


Who cares that this was a draw, This was one of the best chess Games I've ever seen. this felt like Ultra instinct vs Ultra Instinct.

Author — Johnny Perozo


"That's a little breaking of the 4th wall" says Levy, before returning to talking directly at his audience just as he has been since the start of the channel

Author — Table 53


If it wasn’t for Levy making the games consumable, I would have no good way of keeping up with this high level chess. Thanks for the great content!

Author — JustDandy


This is by far your best commentary mate. When there's a big field it's often rushed through, yes I know the openings are repeated a lot across games but for me having them fleshed out everytime is helpful. Cements the memory.
I loved all the side lines and variations rather than "captures captures captures and we end up with this position". I enjoyed it anyway mate, keep up the stellar work

Author — Dave Case


Great recap. Perfect balance of interjecting with "teachable moments" but not so many sidelines that the flow of the actual match is lost. Really appreciate it.

Author — Scott Mcmanus


Just astounding chess. Thanks for these recaps. These vids really make chess entertaining, present the matches in a way that all skill levels can appreciate, and at least for me have really grown my interest in the game, as both a recreational player and fan/spectator. You’re leaving your mark on the game.

Author — Jon Jones


I watched this match from the start till the end and it was so intense for all 3 hours.. commentators made this extremely good match and even I'm 1k scrub was waiting for every move. Insanely good match.

Author — SyDxY


Reporter: “A lot of high level players are commenting on this match, if you weren’t playing whose commentary would you enjoy the most?”
Magnus: “I’m sorry I don’t even remotely care”

Author — Harry Epstein


I watched the entire game live and every time they made a move I was like "thank god Levy is gonna explain all this to us normal humans".
Thank you Levy!

Author — ReniaR91


Levy, I’m a viewer from across the pond and it’s fantastic that we all have a recap like this immediately after the game that helps us understand all the plans and subtleties within the game. Thank you for your time and such brilliant content. When the match is over, go smash that GM title quest. Good luck in all that you do.

Author — Robert Asser


I enjoy your recaps more than watching game live or even reactions of commentators. You just present it in a very intelligent, thrilling, calm yet exciting way i literally get goosebumps sometimes. Awesome levy keep going keep growing.

Author — Rishabh Tomar


Your understanding of the game, ability to explain it, and excitement/energy always has me coming back for your recaps. No one does it better!

Author — themizarkshow


Kudos to Levy for the great explanation! Hope the remaining 12 draws will be as exciting as this one!

Author — Clumsy Epsilon


I was high key stressed for both players just watching the damn thing. I can imagine having to play this position. Ace recap as always Levy.

Author — Kyle Pineda


I watched this live for 20 minutes during around move 15 when magnus had the chance to line up the rook with the light bishop. I thought to myself. I'll wait until tomorrow cuz this game looks brilliant Levy will be all over this... here you... on the same day 😱 brilliant work my friend

Author — Tmi Thoth


Thanks as always for your content, you really add some excitement to this with your explanations and it's obvious that you are also super hype for this match. I'm 100% cheering for Ian so a little disappointed he couldn't find a way through here, but drawing with black against Magnus can never be a bad thing

Author — Aidan McDonald


Great commentary! Really shows how just small, subtle changes to position can completely change the tenor of the game.

Author — Michael Schall